the resurrection of bf2

by oBelIX

Yes, ladies and gentlemen … (dunno how many ladies are reading this ;p)

But bf2 is back. Hip hip hurray. For the uninitiated and out of touch (way way way out of touch) bf2 is just about the most intense game in the world. And its back in a brand new flavour ala Bf2 special forces.

So, come on, join the part-ay … Yesterday’s games were quite intense. Special forces has a lot of cool stuff. (Dont have time to write a full review). Oh, and could someone tell Mangla and Trappi that bf2 is back. (Yeah, i know, Mangla plays(ed) well).

Oh and I think ug3 must have gotten new pc’s (decent pc’s). If thats true, then seriously you gotta give bf2 a try. We’ll try to also setup an account server so that we can play over different subnets etc (or if the sysadmin’s could be kind enough to enable UDP broadcasts we’d be able to fool the game into thinking we are all on one big subnet).

Oh, and one more thing … yesterday I came across this puzzle. Its fun to do :D, I ended up wasting two whole hours 😦 .


PS – post inspired by Saki

PS1 – DoTA is fun

PS2 – Shamanth is evil. He makes people stop bf2 in the middle. Lets all kick Shamanth.

PS3 – Must finish configuring 14.6 …

PS4 – My todo list is huge …

PS5 – Urghh !!! Classes !!! Dont wanna go.

PS7 – I got a new keyboard 😀

PS8 – slogging seems to have died a premature death. Need to revive it. The next post may be on “The huha-ness of tipo”. (Assuming I can find the stupid ass draft).

PS9 – have you read this?

PS10 – WTF wrong with the israelis?

PS11 – Had excellent dinner yesterday. Quite pleased.

PS12 – BTP going forward. Sucked at writing python code at first. Now am getting back into the groove.

PS13 – Woah, 13 PS’s, and I wasnt even trying 😀