the gamers of IIIT

by oBelIX

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Zorro(Praveen), Dutt(Forgot name), Bond(Pradeep),SkyWalker(Sreenath aka Robinhood),Punneth Vohra(Forgot his alias), Revanth

These r the senoirs who play awesome Q3

Robinhood(Sreenath), _Ur_Wife_, Con_Thunder, Bond(Pradeep),_Fufo_Warrior(Venki)

These r the major agers

Specail notice for Gholum(Aditya) who according 2 Sree and Bond has played every game that ever arrived on IIIT lan and used 2 compete in every game for the top positions

Now Q3

Dp(DurgaPrasad), Majji(Manoj) I dont know whos better but I feel that Dp’s better

I have left for quite sometime so I really dont know whos awesome now

Amal Ajay Bedi Ashwin (Me) Sreejith Vishesh

used 2 b same range when I left Q3 some 6 mnths ago

Rao and Balanagireddy were really close 2 beating me then


Me, Venki (I dont want 2 decide and I dont think I can 2 whos better) Bedi defintley comes nxt and Amal, Balanagi Reddy, Girish, Manohar come later


Somu(Somyujit Deb) The god of NFS I started playing NFS after watching him play

I dont know whos nxt etc Sreejith, Vishnu, Vinod, Pisyush play gud I dont know abt others and how gud these guys r


A lot of these people I do not know personally.

And amongst our seniors Shiben (ORB) plays most games. He is like the god-of-gaming.

Then there is Rao and Balnagireddy (sorry for any misspellings). They were both excellent at quake. Bala was also very good at age. Also, there is Sumanth who used to play very good age.

Of course there will be many that I have missed so please just point out any mistakes and I will correct them.