Get Rich !! Quick !!

by oBelIX

Of late I’d been wondering, how do I go about making a ton of money …

So, I investigated (more like closed my eyes, imagined the “Bahamas”) and came up with the following (I am only sharing this because it is absurd enough to work)

Get Rich !! Quick !! Scheme 1

Already started implementing this scheme. Basically, it goes like this …

(a) Coin a new word in English – for example – blurk

(b) Put it on a blog or somewhere to prove that you were the first to come up with it

(c) Wait until some other chap thinks of the same thing and adds it to the Oxford English Dictionary.

(d) Sue his ass … Sue his ass all the way to China for as much as you think the chap in question could afford (if you are lucky that chap is “Bill Gates” and “Bill Gates” can afford a lot).

Get Rich !! Quick !! Scheme 2

This is a guaranteed sure shot scheme. Actually, its not so much a scheme as is using the talents that you have. Did you know, that David Beckham earns approximately 100,000 pounds a week for kicking a ball around in park?? Anyway, Scheme 2 follows the same principle. After all, what could be easier than kicking a ball …

Of course, some of you are like, Woah !! David Beckham plays for Real Madrid. I am never going to get good enough to play there. Dont worry … my footballistically challenged friends … all you gotta do is play for some club in the EPL (preferably Manchester United).

Sounds simple – doesn’t it

Get Rich !! Quick !! Scheme 3

Wokay … this is the hardest scheme of them all … all you gotta do is convince this chap here … to give you some shares in his latest venture ‘CGI’Ā  …

This chap refers to the one and only, the guy who has projects at sourceforge, the guy who is a master at chess (he defeats me :(( … even after one year of intensive practice), the guy who thinks huha-ness is next to cleanliness, the guy who is the k-man.

I think you get who I am talking about …


PS – I am OS tutor …

PS1 –Ā  Quentin Tarantino rocks, Kill Bill rocks. Aziz says it sucks

PS2 –Ā  I found a nice link on stumble yesterday. I forget what it is šŸ˜¦