the rain

by oBelIX

There are two reasons for writing on the rain :

1. Its been irritating us all to such an extent that we are frustoo.

2. Its extremely boring …

3. Everyone is writing on the rain.

ok. so the final verdict. it should stop raining asap so that we can do something … (dota / bf2 / btp / something)

Anyway, the rain does bring out some funny pictures …

Look at bond bhai (thx for the lunch the other day)


And the placements secretary (this picture does not do full justice to his gunda’ish looks)


Oh, and yours truely can be seen roaming around with shorts and a dilapated, dusty, brown coloured half – sleeved sweater …

Abbulu can be seen showing off his various tattoos (I dont know how many he has …, I am just generalizing)


The rest of the fellowship was not available because they had gone to Middleware class (the unbeliavably oblivious to environmental condition type jackasses)

HalleyJi and Spawn were still sleeping at the time of this post.


PS – two posts in two days … a new record for number of posts in a semester

PS1 – “Can halley not be jobless?”

PS2 – SKP can be heard cursing the rain … please come to obh 193 to hear his duclet voice ;p

PS3 – gg WLAN … it hasn’t died while i wrote this post and uploaded 3 images. thats got to be some kind of a record for how long wlan has been up continuously

PS4 – Unknown People were seen messing around with laptops and weird thingies with antennae. (I have photographic evidence)