of bad programming and stuff to do

by oBelIX

Well, there was this new game on campus. It was called Titan Quest 2. It’s a mouse heavy RPG. Almost the same as diablo. Now, I was like “Woo-Hoo something different to play. “. It’d be like last year’s summers when we played diablo on the LAN.

Enter Reminiscing mode

(yeah, i know its kind of insipid but still, it was fun). Back then, sham used to wake up early, gain two more levels and then host multiplayer when me, neeraj, and manish would be trying to get atleast 2% of the inventory and a little bit of gold.

Exit Reminicing mode

Alas, that was not to be. Titan Quest 2 seems to be another one of those games that crashes a heck of a lot. It’s like the developers did not have enough time to finish the game fully. They just released it with the intention of fixing it all in a patch later on. And that really sucks.

There seem to be some new games on campus. ANd also, some new ones coming up. Sadly, I seem to be a little crappish on the time management scene. Have a ton of work (well it feels tonnish mostly becuase I dont do much of it).

The silver lining on this dark cloud of work is that the BTP is in a decent position. Compared to last month atleast.

And speaking of clouds it has decided to rain again. The rain is seriously irritating. I say, it rain properly for a couple of hours. It’s like the motif of July + August is “Welcome to rainland. Today’s schedule – a light drizzle thats just the right amount of irritating”.

Yesterday was independence day. (Oh Wait. It was day before). Surprisingly the guard did not wake me up at 0700 hours (that has been the tradition for the last two years). Anyhoo, I did miss season 1 (the morning show) which had Prof. PKR in a tizzy over a play. (I did not see the play). I did however arrive in time for the supposed starting of the evening show. Mostly, extremely self conscious until Neeraj showed up (I was in shorts while everyone else was in full pants).

It started off with some commentry and then there were some rather quaint plays by a few children. There was also a song by 3 kids, one of whom did not wish to share the mike with the others. Probably like Sonu Nigame (hehe, when you make it Nigame, it sounds africanish).

Then there was a play in Telegu. The acting seemed nice. Of course it was all OHT. I thought I heard some phrases like “Those sarees are not for me” or something else to do with golgappas but that was probably because I have no idea of what was being said.

The fusion was not my style of music and I left soon after.

Oh, and there was a decent dance somewhere in between. They did the entire dancing with diyas and stuff. Cudos to the guy who managed to relight his diya after it extinguished (for want of a better word … )

But, on the whole it was gg to the cultural council and whoever organized / took part in the whole whatchamacallit.

Wow !!! This has been one lb post (long + boring).


PS – peesu kumar broke his loosing streak

PS1 – some insanely trivial problem with battle.NET (:GRRRR:)

PS2 – I dont want to read.

PS3 – Ne good movies out there?

PS4 – apocalype’s blog is a nice read

PS5 – could the internet get any slower?

PS6 – Have seen most of scrubs again.

PS7 – I need a disguise šŸ˜€