the good life

by oBelIX

Went swimming yesterday. As I came back the chai+samosa wala was here. Got two samosas and a tea and came back to the room. Started watching an episode of scrubs. That is when I realised, that I was totally happy. At that point of time, with JD jabbering about in his head, and me eating a samosa I felt content and at peace, for the first time in a long time.

Then, the samosas finished. The tea finished. The episode of scrubs finished. And I was dragged back into reality faster than you can say “floxinoxihillifillification”.


PS – ate breakfast after a long time

PS1 – rumours of manish having an account on various matrimony sites

PS2 – just realized I should be studying GRE instead of blogging.

PS3 – hoping for some dota / fifa today

PS4 – I did beat peesu the other day 😀

PS5 – The debut post in the philosophy category