The Fervent Fervour has Fled

by oBelIX


Finished C. Finished M. Even E was conquered. There were casualties. I seemed to have forgotten bits and pieces of P, chunks of R had just fallen out of my mind. Was this a sign of things to come , I wondered?


I had already accepted that I may keep forgetting a lot. of the stuff I try to remember. It was more about having an idea … a rough idea (would scabrous work here?) . The only issue was that if in GRE I know that I have seen this word before, how the heck is it going to help? Manish’s strategium is top-notch I feel. All he does is remembers prefixes, suffixes and roots and other ingredients in the entire word building scheme. Then, you ask him a word, say corpulent he will go like con + orp + ulent => some crap about some other crap => lot more crap about lot of other crap => fat.

There are some words that just stick. Stuff like marboreal, you pretty much remember. Stuff like NonPareil, you can pretty much guess. There are some words that can naturally be associated with stuff. (Anything related to showoff / OA / double dealing treacheary is easy to remember thanks to MPJ) The problem occurs when there are words like ex*******ate. (the **** do not represent an expletive, they are mere wildcards). Anyway, doing F really took a heckuva lot of work. Work in the sense, you’d think you are done, go for a stroll, do bc, play some fifa, come back and have a dekko, and lo and behold, you dont know foment or factious.


Given that I had done just two alphabets yesterday. Actually, yesterday had started off well, with D and F going down before lunch. However, there was a BTP report, sleep, OS correction, DOTA etc interfering with the gre. Anyhoo, I did L and N before lunch. (did, in the loosest sense of the word, with about 30-40% retention). I tried to do T. Alas, the fervent fervour had fled. So, took a break, wrote cog sci report, slept. Thought I’d give T another shot. I failed absolutely apocalyptically abysmally. So, I switched over to some more smaller, easier alphabets. H, was a breeze(ish). There were few I did not know. They however were not conducive to rattofication. Anyway, dhakka maar ke G aur H to ho gaye.

The current state is ABJKQTUVWXYZ to go. The current plan is to try to remember as many while forgetting as few.

7 more days to go


PS – this post will not be graced with PS’s