Wireless LAN : How to prove that it sucks

by oBelIX

We all know that WLAN is sucking. There may be reasons (valid / invalid) but I somehow feel that the concerned authorities still feel that it is not “their” problem, or it isn’t slow enough to be a “major” problem yet. (Logically that could be the only explanation that accounts for the inaction – assuming that the “concerned” people are rational hbs). .NB -> hb = human being

How to benchmark WLAN’s performance

Lets make a utility. That sits in the system tray. It monitors the AP you are connected to, your signal strength, your ping time to 200 and your packet loss. Let this utility upload the data to some server. Or a webservice running on a server. We can make the methods of this web-service public.

Then, we would have some data to show that wireless actually sucks and sucks enough for the “concerned” people to do something about it.

Technically, since we all feel that it sucks, the “concerened” authorities should write this. Anyhoo, if for some reason they are reluctant then let my gre finish. I will write this utility. Or if someone wants to write it please do go ahead.