The maiming and mutilation of the malignant bottle green moth

by oBelIX

The 19th of September, a bad day for bottle green moths and a very good one for the sadistic son of a whatchamacallit who programmed the GRE testing software.

The day before GRE – Monday

On Sunday, 2 days before GRE, I had done virtually nothing productive. The low point of the day had been loosing like crap to Yaar. The high point being Didier Drogba’s goal against Liverpool. Anyway, I had a lot of words in my head. It was like close your eyes and there’d be words (I wish I could draw).

Anyway, Manish incessantly large amount of studying had pretty much everyone on their nerves. Besides he had been getting consistently high scores. Very high scores. And do not take this in any negative connotation, when I say very, what I actually mean is very very very high scores.(Yes. This is indeed the last jibe at Manish wrt GRE).

On the day before GRE, I had pretty much decided that I would not study too much. I wrote a few practice tests. Was reasonably happy at the fact that if I got the score that I’d been averaging I’d be pretty happy (I just reread the sentence. WTF. Yeah, read the last sentence again). Anyhoo, all things aside did nothing much the whole day. Other than

FIFA – Wherein yaar was hammered 3-0 by yours truly. 10 minutes after a sordid, moribund first half, Van Nistelrooy scored. A brilliant through pass by Louis Saha found him unmarked just outside the Real Madrid goal. And he took a stunning shot straight into the top right corner. Rooney then added insult to injury by scoring from a similar position just 10 minutes later. And Real Madrid could not quite cope with that. The icing on the cake was Nistelrooy slotting in a penalty in the 80th minute when a Real Madrid defender committed an atrocious challenge in the box.

IHQ – InterHouse Quiz. After three years, me, fauji and arun made it to the finals. Not that we had tried any time. Each year, whenever the IHQ competition mail would come, we would sedulously go and write the prelims. This time we qualified. Of course, I used to be a way better quizzer before I came here (all the computers have sollied my brain). Anyhoo, It started off badly by GS picking us number 6, just after Supreeth’s team. Cutting a long story short we surprisingly got 3rd place … surprisingly because we made a few careless errors towards the end.

The night before GRE

The plan had been to play dota after quiz. However, due to it being pretty late, I figured I’d go to sleep. That is when “the maiming and mutilation of the malignant bottle green moth” took place. Well, not a moth in so many words, it was a caterpillar. I have no idea about its malignanceishness (yeah yeah, blogger’s licence). However, it was definately mutilated and it was definately bottle green.

Now, before you get any weird ideas that lead to me being a mutilator of bottle green moths let me explain. I do not like any insects (I use the word like in the strongest sense of the word dislike). So, I figured, the fastest way to kill it would be to drop the spare SMPS that’s lying around. (For those of you who are wondering why I have spare SMPS’s lying around there are a couple of posts that say so). I picked up the SMPS, took aim and missed hit. Well, not so much as missed as the stupid thing moving at the last second and me hitting the bottom half of it.

Anyhoo, it was not a pretty sight. Now my room had the guts of a dead insect, broken pieces of mirror, a ton of dirt, reddish brown shoes, a heap of unwashed clothes all lying on the floor.

I went to sleep. Could not exactly goto sleep. My heartbeat was 120ish. (I just counted 120 beats. Could not see the time because the lights were out and I was trying to sleep). For the first time, before an exam, I felt scared. I also felt underprepared. I also felt overconfident. Then the logician and rationalist in me went what the ****? You cant feel all that at the same time you jack***. Its a contradiction in terms.

While this tete-a-tete or me-vs-me was going on, time was flying by.  By the time I fell asleep it must have been two.

The day of GRE

This is for another post.

The day after GRE

Well, today I woke up with one thing in mind. Have fun. Oh and clean the room. So now, I sit in a nice clean room, no idea about what I should think about my GRE scores. Also, I am wondering whether VBH is going to immolate himself by stepping into a burning pyre or putting kerosene and setting it alight. I mean, I gotta figure out whether I need a bucket of water of a bucket of sand before going and telling him the score. (Yeah, I aint putting the score up here ).


PS – holy hell, how did I write such a long post?

PS1 – Flock is nice for writing posts

PS2 – Must do BTP

PS3 – Must play all new games on LAN

PS4 – Hopefully WLAN better with new room arrangement.

PS5 – Next post definately Wooster and the Weird Wacky Woohoos

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