Wooster and the Weird Whacky Woohoos

by oBelIX

Prof(o)undity is overrated very soon, they are over used and become half ass cliches. -Arun “Wooster” Balakrishnan

The title for this post is kinda over-explanatory. For those (this I presume is the entire english speaking junta) who do not know what a woohoo is, its like a weird and whacky idea.

What has Wooster got to do with any of this?

Absolutely Nothing.

Why is Wooster’s name here?

Well, it goes like this. Before GRE I wrote a post wrt VBH. Wooster was kinda like “Sigh, people get famous for all sorts of things“. In a subsequent conversation on Yahoo, when we were discussing strategies for attempting the GRE, Wooster was like quotation this, and quotation that and so on. Besides, the main reason is that Wooster starts with a W, it complements the WWW quite well.


Some warcraft knowledge may help. Also, you must know what flubber is..


So onto these weird whacky woohoos

Occasionally, I get weird ideas. Especially when I am in the wing upstairs. Most of these ideas have to do with the very fabric of matter and space time.

I wish I was made of flubber … that’d totally rock. Superelastic collisions … the ability to morph from one form to another … and going boing-boing-boing just for the heck of it. WooHoo.

I’d really like to be able to blink.Not “blink” blink but blink as in close my eyes and instantly teleport anywhere. Think of all the time saved. Hell, if I could blink far away, I’d blink home, eat dinner and come back :D.

I want glasses with wipers on them. So that when it is raining and there are drops of water on the lenses, the wipers would automatically clean them. Thus, instead of having fuzzy, droplet infested vision, I’d be able to see things clearly.

I’d also like to have an extra eye. Probably on the top of my head. I havent quite figured out why yet.


PS – Yeah, One of the crappy posts. Maybe its due to Wooster’s influence.

PS1 – DF will be back very soon.

PS2 – I love the new schedule (post-GRE) fundays.

PS3 – These are a sample of some of the better woohoos …