Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures

by oBelIX

This is a god-awful movie. Its billed to be a comedy. However, it comes nowhere close to being funny. Its got a ludicrous plot and the acting is so pathetic that my dog would howl when he saw the film. Of course, given the title and the cast you’d presume that its going to be shitty.

Keanu Reeves proves once again that he cant act. All he can do is go like “heeeee” (<insert appropriate Keanu Reeves looking like jackass face here>). The only film he was good in was the Matrix. Of course those had excellent stories.


PS – LP done. _||_ to everyone who wanted to do problems at 2100 hours.

PS1 – Have cold / cough and all the crap associated with it.

PS2 – Nothing to do except BTP for which I have to go to lab …

PS3 – The award for the highest density of smileys in a page goes to VBH (sorry sagar but he deserves it … post after post has an average of 25 – 40 smileys).