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Going to class is not a solution to boredom. -CeG <oBelIX>

Before you start getting all geeky on me, ARP has nothing to do with the Address Resolution Protocol. It basically stands for A Random Post. Kind of seems to be the in thing nowadays given VBH and Running Man Electrified’s blogs.

But, Fear Not. There will be exiguously many smileys in the post. (One of the advantages of learning GRE is that you know the meanings of a lot of words). The usage may be horrendously off but then you got to take a chance.

I gave one of the worst presentations in Cognitive Science. I figured, that with 14 slides, I’d have a heck of a lot to say. So, I would probably take a lot of time. Therefore, I spoke faster than a hampster on speed. Frankly, even I had no idea that I could speak that fast. The only good thing was the conclusion of the first section.

I figure some of you remember Raul. From the post on random conversations on yahoo. Anyhoo, his presentation once again proved that he is pretty much the king, queen and jack of smooth talking. I figure that even Wooster would have a hard time beating him.

Oh, and I almost forgot the customary jibe at VBH. He has complained of being alone early in the mornings with nothing to do. (Not much we can do there). Of course, I took the liberty of estimating just how many smileys are there in a VBH post. And guess what – there is approximately one smiley in 0.83 paragraphs. (Yes, it comes from actual Math). The method used for computing this was to find the differential of the co-efficient of textual identity with respect to the rate of change of the lengths of paragraphs and then integrate it over all his blog posts in a complex quasi dimensional dynamic pseudo random bivariant space.


PS – I do not wish to flame anyone :muhahahaha:

PS1 – Thank you for not smoking is nice

PS2 – Monica Belluci stars in Asterix Obelix and Cleopatra

PS3 – OTH is nice

PS4 – Herores pretty much sucks

PS5 – DF rocks … Join DF do iBC.

PS6 – Football matches under way.

PS7 – Have done little work this week. Plan to remedy that tonight and tomorrow.

PS8 – I ate breakfast today. 6 Dosas. Hooray.

PS9 – Turned out to be a reasonable enough post.

PS10 – Peesu lost his last two games as Naga Siren

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