Korea and the world

by oBelIX

Occasionally, I post on world events and what not. So, it seems like these chaps in Korea have gone about blowing up one of those big bombs. Now, I see that China, South Korea and Japan have got reasons to worry about. After all, no one wants a crazy trigger happy shotgun carrying neighbour.

  • However, I do not see why the Americans have to be this paranoid. Now, I know, everyone blames the Americans for the worlds problems. Lets just review that list:
  • Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism – Pretty much America’s brainchild … what with them supporting Jihad and all.
  • Afganistan – The americans went to war there. The rest of the world is cleaning up their mess. The afgans are the worst off.
  • Iraq – No WMDs. No valid reason for war. Except perhaps expanding the american empire and oil. What a waste.
  • Iran – So far, they have done nothing but say they want to use nuclear power for safe reason. Its an economically sound policy. Why not develop and use cheap nuclear power and sell expensive oil? But no one looks at it like that. Every American thinks that the Iranians are pretty much Israel hating lunatics who are going to blow up the whole of the middle east.
  • Korea – As I said, the South Koreans, Chinese, Japanese may have stuff to worry about. However, the US does nothing to help. At the six party talks they say that they are fully commited to supporting North Korea and will help with trade and oil and what not. Once the talks are concluded they put a whole chunk of sanctions on North Korea for violating some WTO trade agreements or what not. Just co-incidence or backstabbing tactics. If I were the North Korean leader, I’d build a bomb and put it on one of those long ranged missiles, just for leverage against the bullying of the USA.

Now, it may seem like I dont like the Americans a lot. Its not that. When Clinton was incharge, I think the world was generally a safer place. Ever since Bush came in there have been:

  • 9/11 bombings
  • The Afgan war
  • The Iraq war
  • The north Korean test
  • The Iran situation
  • The Israel / Lebanon war

Forgive me for sounding skeptical, but these are just way too many co-incidences.


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