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No matter how much work you do T. Prashant will do more work than you do. -CeG<oBelIX>


The audio server is set up on You can now connect to it using winamp/xmms also. The playlist is available here .-T. Prashant, -Md. Abdul Aziz


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of crosswords. It helps in improving English. Of course should have figured it out before GRE. A nice place to start is here.

If you haven’t read Mythalez’s latest post (The 2nd Encounter) please do. Its … well words fail me.

Oh and the audio player thingie is cool. Cool in the sense that it works. Of course they are really overloading 9.15 (where we all work) and spoiling our simulation times.

DOTA is incredibly boring now. Everyone has decided to go with the bloody rapier + aegis strat. Of course the fact that I haven’t won in a while aggravates this.

Amarok rocks.

This is the End

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