DC and ARP

by oBelIX

Cognitive class makes a lot more sense if you have had less than 10 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. -CeG <oBelIX>

Before I start another post, I’d like to point out that this is not as much of A Random Post as it is A Research Paper post.

The whole of the last week went in writing a research paper on the BTP. Apparently, its a heck of a lot harder to write your work than to do your work. Seriously, it is really hard. The first draft that we wrote was pretty much crap (mostly because it was written when we had GRE). The second draft had some structure. Sadly, it was not appreciated by the general community. This draft had taken more than 12 hours to write.

Anyway, we rewrote this … It took another 12 hours. This time, we got the flow right. The only problem with papers is that they are constantly evolving. Days will go in just gathering the results and making graphs. (It feels very nice when you expect a hyperbola and get a hyperbola). Gathering results is a mind-numbing asinine job. Seriously … it sucks.

while 1:

    Write a draft

    Submit and get review

    Make changes in review

Anyway, yesterday finally this thingie got submitted. Boy am I glad. Pretty much hadn’t done anything much other than work on this over the last two days. Oh, and I’d like to thank everyone who helped … especially the people who read all the stuff that we had written and found out mistakes. Seriously, We owe you one. If I was more of the Wooster / VVHB type, I’d write a poem but then, my literary talents leave much to be desired. So I will deisist.

I’ve seen a bit of Malcolm in the MIddle. Its pretty funny. And the sysadmin’s are constantly blocking DC++. Very Very irritating. Of course, we have seen an improvement in the way they are blocking. Atleast they are using their heads. Anyway people are already going back to FTP servers … its like going back to the stupid stone age. I would appreciate a reason for the blocking … so if someone is close with the sysadmin’s then please enlighten the whole of the IIIT community on why such an action is being taken. Otherwise, its going to be a cat and mouse game. They block it, we figure out a way to unblock it. They go around this. We go around it again.

Currently, they are blocking DC++ based on the authentication packet. They read each and every packet on the wireless router, check if the packet contains “$Lock=…” (DC authentication text). If it does, they drop this packet at the router. Which is why DC++ just gets stuck at “Connected”. It is waiting for this packet from the hub. You can try it yourself. telnet to a hub from 200, the authentication will reach you. telnet from a wireless PC, it wont. I still question the utillity of reading each and every packet but then who am I.


PS – CS seems to be making a comeback.

PS1 – This is the end