by oBelIX

If everyone on orkut is 80% sexy then why isn’t there more sex happening? -CeG<oBelIX>

This is the pseudo traditional end of semester beginning of exams post. Course, this time with two exams its pretty sweet. The only problem is simplex and some pivot method in LP.

Malcolm in the middle is pretty decent timepass.

NFSC is out. Its a decent NFS game. I still wish they’d put in the style points. The Near Miss x5 and drafting and stuff like that …. The crew funda and canyon races are good. They should have had Josie Maron or Elisha Cuthbert … somehow I dont like Emmanuelle “Whatshername“.

Monga found this site which calculates the net worth of any website. Dont remember the link or anything. students was worth 100$. SMR.co.in was worth 860. My 200 page was worth 18. The high point was that this blog was worth 1000+$. Pretty cool … if someone wants to buy it please go ahead. Tipo’s blog stood at 800ish. VBH was pwning at 1160 or something.

Oh and something which I think I said last year as well. J2EE sucks. Way too complicated. Way too little documentation. Anyway gg to bokaro who got it to work after aeons of hit and trial with respect to various parameters.

This is the end.

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