If you are bored ….

by oBelIX

The difference between xams and xmas is just one letter. -CeG <oBelIX>

Two blog posts in a day. That has got to be some kind of a record. Especially after a huge while of inactivity. So, the point here is what do I write. Given the lack of material, and the lack of ideas I pretty much have nothing funny, humourous, innovative, thought provoking to say.

However, this post does have its merits. During exam times, especially when people are preparing I like to have something fun to do.

  • You can’t watch a movie because a movie will take a few hours. And at the end of the movie there’d be this feeling that you wasted waay too much time.
  • You can’t watch a show like OTH or something because there is nothign new to watch
  • You can’t go and play CS / Dota because no one will come to lab
  • Playing in the lab means going to the lab and mostly you dont feel like that
  • Sleeping also takes up way too much time.
  • Very few people online for chatting purposes

The ideal thing to do is to read a blog post. The problem with this is that there are very few people who blog during exams. Studious chaps like T.Prashant dont write. Ultra studious chaps “whose blogs would be fun to post insulting comments on” like Manish Jain have posted only one post. The Chennai Chaps like Wooster, Anand, and Bobo-RAM do not blog. The fun to read bloggers like Gokul and VVHB have been hibernating for a while now. Amd one daily dose of VBH philosophy is more than enough. Of course, Mythalez has resorted to beautiful poems instead of accounts of life in the UK. (I dont like poetry a lot …). So, this post is sort of to make up for all that is missing.

The second most ideal thing to do is waste time on orkut. Generally exam and holiday time is when I am most active on orkut. Sometimes even posting 3-4 scraps in a day. (to the same person).

I just saw the vertical scroll bar. And I was worried about having nothign to write. And I can see some PS’s as well. Wow …


PS – they are knocking off Saddam Hussein

PS1 – Manish Jain is playing NFSC … A new era has dawned

PS2 – This is the end

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