U.M.Rao Jaan

by oBelIX

Sanity is easily lost when enduring 2.5 hours of a darn slow hindi film. -CeG <oBelIX>

FeatherSleep – Sleeping so awake that a feather will get you up. -CeG <oBelIX>
Whenever I go home, I usually eat a lot, sleep a lot and read a lot. To elucidate the above statement (Yes, my English deteriorates considerably at home), I also blame the cable operator a lot, catch up with my friends a lot, play “chase the dog’s tail” a lot, and curse the computer which I am using a lot.

Actually, I am writing this post on a laptop. My hand keeps accidently touching the touchpad. So it keeps clicking randomly on the screen. Besides, I cannot find the end / home keys. And its kinda dark here. So please bear with the horrendous grammatical quality of this post.

One of the constants of home is that my sister takes it upon herself to inflict every form of torture. She accomplshes this by making the whole family go out to Hindi Movies. Earlier, some of these films were quite bearable. We saw Main Hoo Naa, Raincoat etc … which were quite good. But lately the trend has been to go see movies that are … well … to say the least … downright boring. The current incumbent (Okay, so you have to bear with the litetoray quality of this post as well) Umrao Jaan was choosen over my suggestion of seeing The Departed.

First things first, Aishwarya Rai rocked in the movie. If you had too describe her in three words they’d be pretty darn awesome. She really acts her socks off. Probably the only reason any sane man would watch the film. The first half is so atrociously slow that when the interval arrives you’d go “Oh Thank you god”.

The second half is quite decent. Overall, its a movie with female lead protagonist. Its a sad movie. It does not have a happy ending. Its an art movie, so you can pretty much be sure that it aint going to be the Block Bluster of the Year.

For a change, I haven’t been given much of an opportunity to curse the Cable Operator. In earlier times, whenever I’d come home, there’d either been no Star Sports during the F1 Race, or no ESPN during the ManU match. There’d be one movie channel (when the other one is showing the interesting film). Star world would come with a lot of white static. This time around, I am pleasantly surprised. Everything is in order, and I have already seen reruns of Chelsea vs. Some Club, Arsenal vs WHU, Liverpool vs Reading etc.

There’s also been about 4 months of “The Economist” to read at home. Ever since the subscription to “India Today” finished, “The Economist” is the only magazine that arrives at home. Its a pretty decent magazine. Nice English. Anyway, today I finished the last unread issue. So, from tomorrow onwards, I guess its back to re-reading Asterix, and Calvin and Hobbes for the umpteenth time.


PS – waiting for the weekends matches

PS1 – Everyone here already applying. Have some work to do.

PS2 – Nothing good comes on Star Movies / HBO during the day

PS3 – Why is each PS spilling across the line?

PS4 – Oh that one did not 😀

PS5 – Worried about cog sci paper

PS6 – This is the end