A job well done

by oBelIX

There is infinite joy in doing a mundane job to perfection. -CeG<oBelIX>

Good Joke. -<DTA>Zaknaf3in

Okay, this post is a little late (oh and the begininning is slightly philosophical). At home, I was reasonably jobless. Dad was going out on a trip so he needed something let us say an object about 3 feet long, two feet wide and two and a half feet high. [More clues as to the identity of the object follow].Of course the dimensions are probabilistic which imply that they are subject to change depending on your perception of a foot.

Since I am the **engineer** of the family, I was entrusted the task of packing the damn thing so that it wouldn’t tear (Another Clue). If I had been a couple of years younger, I’d have said IIT prep or something and made my sister do it. However, since my sister is kinda busy, and I have become a responsible young chap I decided to approach the challenge head on.

The first problem was the lack of equipment. There was no box measuring 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2.5 feet high. The stupid thing would not directly fit in a suitcase or attachi. I couldn’t even saw it in half or something like that. (Another Clue). So, I had to improvise.

To cut a long story short, summarize two hours of work in a sentence, I first wrapped it in newspaper. Then put a layer of a new hybrid material BubblePlasticPolyThene around it. (BubblePlasticPolyThene – is the material made when you run out of Plastic Polythene and use bubblewrap …). All of this was held in place with Cello-Tape.

Anyway, the point of the whole story is that it was fun. And I was happy after finishing the packing. I was even happier when my Mom said that I could get a job at a Mover’s company (This does not in anyway imply that I am going to get a job at a Mover’s company. Anyone asking for a treat on this account will be lynched – unless they are bigger and stronger than me). Thus the saying – There is infinite joy in doing a mundane job to perfection. This does not in anyway imply that you keep doing mundane jobs perfectly. You’d probably get bored out of your skull with all the joy ;p.


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