of GRE, Universities and Life

by oBelIX

Manish Jain can be made chinese by changing one letter aka Manish Jian. -CeG <oBelIX>

You know you have seen too much whose line when you can recognise the chics behind Drew Carey. -CeG <oBelIX>

This is one of those status update type of posts. Yeah, I know that I said I’d write about the horrors of Kasautii but that post seemed very crappish. So in short, Kasautii Sucks. If someone makes anti-Kasautii T-Shirts, I’d buy them.

Have been looking at universities to apply. Its one of the most mundane, boring processes in the world. It just sucks. The probability of going out seems bleak. Yet  Manish Jain’s optimism is like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Some goddam hillbilly checked my Analytical Writing paper.  I managed a 3.5 The Chennai Chaps all managed 5+. English is always the screwing. Horrific history with testing the bloody language. My English just does not suck enough to justify the type of marks I have got in it.

ManU drew with Chelsea. After pwning the first half, they kinda lost steam in the second. Chelsea were all over the place (except they didnt have much goal bound action). IMHO, ManU need another good CM.

Was playing bits of CS. Thats also stopped courtesy of placements. Of course, that was when I was pretty much in lab all day due to non-functioning wireless.

The inability to connect to wired LAN on DC is pissing me off. Most irritating … am going to do something about it (as soon as this univ thing calms down).

Finished Cog Sci Paper. Took a while. Hoping to get an A.

Going to work on GGP this sem. Seems interesting. Will pwn if we win.

Have a reasonably light sem (as soon as the univ thing finishes).

What a crap post, My apologies …