ACT – A Conspiracy Theory

by oBelIX

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I have never been a fan of conspiracy theories. Of course, the fact that I could not think any did not help much. Anyhoo, I came up with my first conspiracy theory. It’s not exactly what I would call original. Actually, its not even in the same zip code as original.

I used to watch a lot of cricket at home. Hence, there is still a piquant interest in the blessed game. My conspiracy theory is simple: Someone was match fixing. Now we will see a dramatic set of Indian victories culminating in India winning the series. The fact that Rahul Dravid falls sick so comfortably only means that he found out about it and refused to be a part of it. (I know the theory has many loose ends but lemme have my two bits of joy).

So, when you see the crowd thin at the television on an India SA match
day, well before time is up it means that we are in big big shit. It also means that my magnum opus of Conspiracy Theories is in big shit too. However, I am still trundling through these last few waking moments under the hope that HB Singh will win it for us. (and save my theory). (If someone tells me that he is not playing then …)


PS – Fauji accuses me of copyright violation. How evil is that.

PS1 – Booshi kicks too hard

PS2 – TOEFL soon. Life not rocking.

PS3 – It is a rumour that we loose to the non-IIITians in dota.

PS4 – Tipo is already working on Honours Project 2. Someone please kick him.

PS5 – I want my own satellite so that I can access the net a lot faster

PS6 – Did you know: Overrated means make too high an estimate of. Underrated means make too low an estimate of.

PS7 – Baba’s last few posts were awesome. Halley’s last post was also very good. I am, of course, trying to maintain the average here. (pun intended). If you did not get the pun then you are Anand Vasudev.

PS8 – There were more PS’s in my head. They have gone out for a walk now. They will be back later.

PS9 – The last PS was initially PS3.

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