Of Universities …

by oBelIX

Score does not matter. -CeG <oBelIX> (on a score of 2 / 14)

In a group of people there will always be one jackass who doesn’t remember the embarassing story forcing it to be retold. -CeG <oBelIX>

Lately, I have been looking at applying to various universities. This process is a major pain in the rear end of the body (more commonly referred to the ass). The first thing that you have to do is write a SOP – Statement of Purpose. (Note the similarity to SOB which is an expletive you will use quite often while writing the SOP). Then you gotta tailor the resume to match the university. After that you’d better hope the grades get released on time and the courier gets there.

I am at stage one – writing the sop. This must be the only time when it would help being a narcisist. It is not exactly easy to write one…. plus the constant nagging uncertainity does not help.

Anyhoo, played a little dota yesterday.

Tipo outstudying everyone. He has invented a new data structure called BEEPS – B.Tree Heaps – an extension of his previous data structure TREEPS – Tipo Heaps,

Agni v. Aakash bball match was good. Anand “Shamanth” Vasudev played quite well :D. So did Arun. The turnout was very low, compared to when we were in first year … pretty much the whole of ug1 had come then.

Coming Soon: The one difference and many similarities between Anand and Shamanth.

Played age the other day. Post Imp DM. Got swept very quickly … was spared the defeat courtesy of an out of sync.

New LUG admins

Restarted stumbling.

Got a honourable mention for BTP posters. Am expecting great honours at the farewell
Birthday coming up – need suitable excuse for avoiding bumps – Any excuses should be emailed with the subject – URGENT: This may save your ass

I want to goto UIUC or MIT (It doesn’t hurt to dream a little)

Grawl and Vamsi Krishna opened the placement innings.

Saw two movies. Both Okay – Lonely hearts and something else.

Whose Line rocks.

Eventually we are all going to die.