Of Microsoft, and Poster

by oBelIX

Srinivas P. -GAG

I always accept when I am wrong. -A good friend

He is also never wrong ;p. -Another good friend

Teaching is a thankless job. -CeG <oBelIX>

After that bigger set of quotes than usual, here is the update.

The microsoft party was a very good one. Thanks to Arora for getting us in there. Tried to dance.ย  (Its not on video soย  no laughs for ppl). If you must know, I am not very adept at dancing. Mostly, I figure all you got to do is find someone who can dance and try to copy what they are doing. In my case it was Harminder. Also tried non-veg and booze.

Have been eating out a lot. Tried the following:

Amravathi – Decent food, Nice ambience, about 90 bucks per veg dish

Cook’s Touch – Good food. Quiet ambience. About 110 bucks per veg dish.

Silver Spoon – OK food. Yucky ambience. About 110 bucks per veg dish. Seriously, rather goto Chutneys. Or Ohris jiva.

Tempataions – Awesome “Black Deker” milkshake. 35 bucks. Must Have.

Ice n Spice – Desi Pizza, Grilled cheese apart from the regular choco butter.

Ohris Jiva – V. Good Food (Buffet). Decent Ambience. 145 bucks. Excellent value for money.

Next on list are: Olvie garden, Amantran, Ohris banjara hills, Sahib Sultan Singh …

Got a poster paper. Happy. Did not expect the reviewers to go so deep into the paper and actually try to tear it to bits. Congrats to Manish Jain as well ;p.

Speaking of who, Manish Jain doing a top notch job at placements. Despite the obvious major huge you know what in the ass.

DoTa slightly boring. Nothing new to try.

Would appreciate someone downloading medieval 2.


PS – This is the end.