How an HSSM almost screwed yours truely …

by oBelIX

Do not take a PASS grade in an HSSM in fourth year for granted. -CeG <oBelIX>

SOP: I want to do research. For that I need a PhD. Thats why I am applying. -Anjul Patney

Khare, Boot ho ja. -Nirnimesh (from Utkarsh’s blog)

For one hour on the 30th of December I enjoyed a very unique distinction. Well, not enjoyed in particular. I was probably the first fourth year nine pointer to have managed to flunk a PCO HSSM in the seventh semester. (Rest assured: I have passed the course :D)

Now, you may wonder how that happened. As far as I know I have no idea. Anyways, it seems that a mistake was made while putting my grade in. Instead of a D I’d managed a C-. Hence I passed.

So, while I was still in the highly panicked, pseudo life flashing before my eyes mode I did the logical and rational thing. I estimated courses of action.

Best Course: There has been a mistake – All fine, no damage done except for some overwork by my heart.

Next Best Course: I did flunk the course but the prof increases my grade – Well, would have caused minor upsets and exchanges of a large number of emails.

Next Best Course: Prof does not change grade, I get course changed to a normal course and take a D – Sounds far from appealing, willingly taking a D. However it is still better than the last alternative that my troubled brain came up with me.

Course of Last Resort aka The Worst Possible Course aka This should not happen to you: I flunk the HSSM and I am not allowed to take another HSSM this semester.. Consequences –

  • I do not complete my degree requirements.
  • I end up wasting a lot of money on applying to places like MIT etc …
  • I do not have a job …

In short : Whoop de do, I am screwed.


PS – Did brilliant guess work in the OR paper

PS1 – Did brilliant screw ups in the DC paper

PS2 – Homeward bound

PS3 – Application is very hard. I think I made one mistake per application. Will write a post on application so that others don’t do the same.

PS4 – Uncyclopedia rocks. Planning to become a regualar uncyclopaedian …

PS5 – Lot of work to be done for IJCAI

PS6 – PR converges very slowly on the TREC dataset

PS7 – I thought Symantec would take more … I thought convergys would take more

PS8 – Chinese Chop Suey at Olive Gardens is a waste of money

PS9 – Finally got “Everybody Dance Now” 😀

PS10 – DoTa is incredibly boring

PS11 – Must sleep now. Have slept 10 hrs in the last 48 … by tomorrow evening it will be 15 in the last 60