Of IJCAI and moocows

by oBelIX

Dont (re)download crap. -CeG<oBelIX>

GC is not like BC. -Manish Jain describing someone ….

They are taking only the cream. -T3

He is a pain in the wrong portion of the anatomy. -A good friend

This is more of a for my info post. Nothing major has been happening. Paper got accepted as a poster. Attended IJCAI. IJCAI rocked … well worth attending. Very good food. Some nice papers. Talked to some very smart people.

Actually, wanted to write a lot more but don’t really feel like it. Rather bored nowadays so finishing projects. Trying to fix dc++ … enabling wireless to wired connectivity seems like a bigger pain in the ass than anticipated.

The net was blazing fast during the holidays. Now that everyone is here it has reverted to its pathetic slow state. And some <insert appropriate expletive here> people are redownloading crap and wasting bandwidth.

Anyhoo, I found the word moocow on a website. Since they were not kind enough to post the meaning of the word and I could not infer the meaning from the context (did I mispell meaning?) I am hereby defining the word.

Moocow – A cow that does not moo.

Everybody please link to this post citing it as the definition of moocow 😀


PS1 – This is the beginning.

PS2 – DoTa boring again

PS3 – Need new game

PS4 – This is the end of the beginning.

PS5 – Happy Feet is good

PS6 – This is the beginning of the end

PS7 – Apping phase 1 complete.

PS8 – Illusionist is good

PS9 – Blood diamond is ok

PS10 – This is the end