Of Hawaii, and a tag

by oBelIX

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mister Felicity – Sriram A

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mister Felicity’s sidekick – Anand V šŸ˜€

Hamana Hamana Hamana. -Who the fudge said this

Jhaad paida hote hain, bacche ugte hain. -A good friend on trees, plankton and what not.

It’s rather expensive to goto Hawaii. I was having a look the other day.

Luftansa flies from Del – Fra – LA – Honalulu. Total time of 32 hrs. Total cost 85K.

British Airways flies from Del – Lon – San Fransisco – Honalulu – Total time of 40 hrs. Total Cost 90K

China Air: Del – Taipei – Honalulu. 53K

Air France: Del – Paris – Atlanta – Honalulu: 75K.

American: Del – Chicago – Honalulu: 63K.

Thankfully these are return fares. Meaning you dont have to hitchhike from Honalulu …Ā  Anyhoo

The hopes are up,

The spirits high

We’re planning to go

To Hawaiiii………

Moving on, Vasan tagged me. And I’m bored enough of the p trips to the bathroom since morning to fill in the tag. So here goes:

One thing you are afraid of


Two unforgettable incidents

Getting into IIIT (I’m the fourth last chap in my batch based on AIR) and IIIT

Three books

LOTR, Hitchhiker, Harry Potter, Calvin and Hobbes …

Four beautiful women

Aishwarya Rai (deliciously stunning), Scarlett Johansen (whoop-de-doo), Monica Belucci (Ravishingly HOT) and Josie Maron (of before)

Five Fooditems

Curd, Pizza, Chaat (pani-puri and the like), Paneer, Milk Shakes, Omlettes …

Six oft used words

holy s***, damn, thoo, cha, nyaah-nyaah, hehe, hmm

Seven things awesome about me

I’m sure it’d be more fun if you chaps filled this out in the comments.

Film personalities (Eight)

Aishwarya Rai, Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Ehsaan Quereshi, Al Pacino, Pink Floyd

Movies nine

Bah, Stupid question but off the top of my head, in a random order – The mask, Gladiator, Raincoat, Mulan, Braveheart, Flushed away, etc etc etc

Music ten

Comfortably Numb, Lost for words, Stairway to Heaven, Only when I sleep, Lift me up, Porcelain, Bitter sweet sympony, Barso Re, Tere Bina (I’m just typing my playlist eh :P)

List of jobless souls tagged by me:


Tipo (get him back to posting)





Vasan (trying to create the proverbial infinite loop :D)


PS – Flushed away good

PS1 – Pans LAbyrinth good

PS2 – People getting admits – when’s it my turn?

PS3 – The Kanpur Expose and Manish’s MP connections coming up next.

PS4 – Sriram rocked Mr Felicity

PS5 – Someone remind me to post the Mr Felicity post

PS6 – Eklavya sucks.

PS7 – ManU v Liverpool tonite 6:15PM

PS8 – How’s about a comment eh?

PS9 – This is the end.

PS10 – There is no more

PS11 – Why are you still reading?

PS12 – Dont you get it yet?

PS13 – Holy hell !!! You are persistent

PS14 – Okay, Just one more: Kanpur Sucks.

PS15 – That’s it Folks

PS16 – I said That’s It

PS17 – Will you stop reading

PS18 – Go away, Shoo, Come back another day