Stranger than Fiction

by oBelIX

I have done this only once before. One of the few benefits of a blog, a computer with an internet connection and a movie is that once in a while, you will watch one of those fine-ass movies and have the ability to write what you feel at that time.

So, I saw this movie, “Stranger than Fiction”. Now, I don’t usually go about good-mouthing movies, infact I rarely do so. The best movies manage would be a mention in a PS tending towards 10. However, this film deserves more. It is one of the finest pieces of cinema I have seen in a while.

I think I am being a tad hyperbolic. I had figured the next blog post was on Kanpur. If not Kanpur then on Felicity. And given the recent thumbs down from MIT I’d thought that there’d be a post bitching, complaining and in general venting frustration at the god damn cow faced hippies there. Infact I’d like to think that I was in a blue funk when I heard that MIT showed me the finger in the polite-est fashion. (which is kinda weird since I’d pegged my chances at MIT as one in a hundred).

Anyhoo, this film seems to have cheered me up immeasureably. Don’t get me wrong, its not one of those pick-me-up movies. Neither is it some titillating teen comedy that’d make you go Ha-Ha-Ha. It’s also not a solo Gladiator fighting his way through to justice saving the day and what-not. And in no way does it measure up to some of the brilliant comedies.

What it has is a story that <since words fail me here, literally, I will go with> kicks ass. Coupled with some fine performances and decent direction. It’s the type of movie that ought to win the OSCAR, be in the IMDB top 250 and all. (I haven’t checked, it might have done so already). So, go ahead, give it a shot and I’m ready to bet it’d be worth the time spent.

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