Of Amalgam / Splash

by oBelIX

UG4 Rocks. -CeG <oBelIX>

Its time to define a tradition. In the four year’s that I have been at IIIT, every time there has been an inter-batch play type of thing – ug4 has outclassed and outperformed everyone. In first year there was amalgam and the then ug4 did the most brilliant play ever. Our immediate seniors – SKP’s batch – did an excellent play – featuring god and Gaurav Jain. This year too, the ug4 play was definitely the best.

In this year’s play, a big huge chunk of ug4 was involved. We must first acknowledge the contribution of a certain Nandakishore.

Our very own “creative” director – Pradeep Yaarlagadda – did an excellent job. Actually, all he did was select music and decide the general direction of the play. Then he told everyone else: Write your own lines. This of course is the dumbest thing ever – I have never heard of a screenplay being co-authored by so many.

Then there was T3. For those of you who do not know who T3 is: he was the big fat one next to the very thin VBH Kalyan. He had excellent improvisation – most of the dialogue between VBH and him was unscripted.

What did Halley do you may say? Well, first of all, he acted with emotion. Then, he adapted to the utter randomness inflicted by T3 on stage. Keeping balance, esp with T3 adding, deleting whole chunks of dialogue is rather hard I presume.

Oh, I almost forgot about Wooster. He supplied the narration and the bits of funny in it. The jab at PKV was hilarious.

There was Grawl. He came to reharsal at 6:30. With no script. He created dialogues on demand. He imitated the ex-dean on demand. He made lot of fun of Aziz.

There was Abdul Aziz. He who came in costume. He who delivered near perfect hyderabadi. He who will always be remembered as the messcom who almost managed to introduce hot kingfisher air-hostesses in the mess.

There was Krishna-Aditya (my apologies – I have never ever spelled out your name)The perfect showman. Dancer. OA’shwara in the play :D.

There was Gaali Govindam (N. Sri Harsha). His name itself was so funny. How he managed to keep a straight face during his narration I will never know. The dialogues with Aitha were really really good – Damn the stupid Mike.

There was K Sri Harsha. Who acted only in Telegu. And I have no idea what he said :((.

There was VVHB. Jo Dhoni jaise Daaauuuudtaaa tha. Jisne “Fully Connected” Campus banvaya.

There was Khantri (Srinivasan S). He was like – If this was a real election we will win. Lets do it. IV don’t be nervous. Don’t screw it up. I want to win this.

There was IV. Who was feeling very very hot in Manish Jain’s silk Kurta.

There was SMDI (S. Md. Inam). Who made everyone laugh when he ridiculed the opposition on stage with his dances :D. He also IMHO had the funniest dialogues on stage.

We must also not forget to acknowledge the assistance of a Saikiran B. He was utilized as a prop and an item during the play.

Also, music director Srinivas P. Who was able to screw up the easiest job of double clicking to play the music :D.

Also, Also, creative directors: P. Amar, KKPK, Manto, Gaurav Raj, HSA (harminder),  Sriram A, MPJ, Hariveer, Ramji S and many others (esp those who were at Yaar’s room).

One of the major disappointments was that Manish P Jain refused to act. Also, the speakers sucked.

Anyhoo, the batch play was a hell of a lot of fun. It was great entertainment. Hope you enjoyed it …

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