by oBelIX

The awesomeness of a play is directly proportional to the randomness of the dialogues. -SKP

We are going to go very soon. Damn, I cannot believe how much I will miss this place. Attended the last class yesterday. I thought it would be something special. It however was not. It was rather boring as usual. Anyway, I really don’t want to go. I also don’t want to post the rather senti stuff. I am actually posting this to get into the mood for writing the farewell speech. Yes, you heard right, I am giving the farewell speech. Currently, the 1000 word limit I set for myself seems rather far away.

I need a plan to kick start the process ….


PS: Screw the USA. To all FBI agents who read this and think I am a terrorist, I am going to make your job easier for you – My real name is T. Prashant. I live in OBH 296.

PS1: Monga making my already boiling hot room really really boiling hot by making maggi.

PS2: Yes, this means you Monga. Get the **** out. Don’t heat up my room.

PS3: Monga does not understand the process of writing testimonials.

PS4: Monga thinks that is a long philosophical discussion for a later time.

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