ARP Exams

BC is beyond any damn rules. -Zess

Sitting in the last bench, I had good times with him in the first year in the English class. -T. Prashant about Anirudh Mani in a testimonial.

So, as usual, it is up to me to write some random stuff for people to read during the exams. I think I’ve already gone into why there should be extra blogging during exams.

The last exams in the fourth year are kind of different. There is no pressure. FYI I had two exams – DC (PCO) and OR. Data Compression is a course that does a PCO too much justice. The paper was perfection. I saw the first two questions and was like, “woo-hoo, I pass“. Apparently the results were announced on that day itself which must be a IIIT record.

Then there is OR. Which is not hard. Not easy but not hard. Especially since the will to pwn courses and get 10’s is gone. I’d be happy with anything that is a pass. I like fuzzy logic. It’s quite nice. Rather interesting.

The weirder thing is me being awake so early before an exam. So far, I would sleep late, struggle to wake up in the morning and go in a sullen mood. Perhaps its the morning sun shining straight into my eye or the everyday wake up at 0700 for driving, but this time it’s not even been a minor inconvinience.

The rest of this post is random paragraphs for passing atleast another 10 minutes.

Vishnu, Monga and Sid just arrived. Vishnu greeted me with a traditional “Frustoo“. Siddarth seems very glad that there is idli in the mess. Personally, I really don’t like idli’s. I used to like idlis. But now I just go *bleaah*. Dosas are much better. Of course you should have good sambar. Unlike the sambar that was made yesterday. Sweet. That sucked. Then of course, I ate dosa in the canteen at night. Sambar sucked.

I just reread the bit on fuzzy logic. And I realized that I do miss (just a little bit) studying. Proper studying – listening in classes – like the first year. If I had that kind of motivation I would have taken CG, ANN and also Quantum Physics. A touch disappointed. But then for some inexplicable reason I’d rather play than study. Hoo-Hum.

There is a fauj (Ashish, Some junior and Saaketh) charging down my wing. Their feet scraping the floor. Their eyes glued to the OR notes in their hands. They are going to Inam I guess. Inam and Manish are perhaps the corner stones of OR, LP and ALP. BTW: Whoever checks OR and LP papers gimme an A :D.

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