Le farewell

by oBelIX

Cowardice: Dying in place of someone you love so that you won’t feel the pain when you are gone. -CeG <oBelIX>

GG UG3. Thanks. -CeG <oBelIX>

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ….

I do not know why I typed that. Anyway, I have been having very weird epiphanies. My dreams at night are unlike any at IIIT.  The epiphanies part is probably highlighted by the first quote. The dreams I will describe later – I guess I will need the canvas of an entire post to paint the picture.

This post has been a long time coming. Forgive my laziness but life was just too good to bother. I did read blogroll though. And thanks to Turbo for the FP (IIITLANBrowser) plugin – I got an A in LP and Cog Sci – yahoo.

UG3 did a good job with the farewell. It started on time – or as near as it can get in IIIT :D. I still don’t know why the photographer did such a botch job of the photos. It really escapes my mind as to how those rather irregularly regular clouds got there. I was rather disappointed that Prof. Kamal was not there. I guess he must have had some rather important work. Anyway, there were three speeches. Pinki went first – a highly watered down placement’s speech. Extremely concise, accurate and politically correct. Raja spoilt the whole IIIT-hyphen-H joke :grr:.

Mangla was next – and his speech said all that needed to be said. Without mincing words :D.

Kritika (I am taking a wild guess here) introduced me with waay too many accolades. I’d promised to put my speech here. but I do not have a soft copy with me I will post all that I can remember of giving the speech.

Good Evening. blah blah yada. IV IVYada blah blah. We rock. Blah Yada Blah. Insomnia. Blah Blah Blah. Aziz. Blah Blah Booshibhai Booshibhai. Blah Blah. DF. Blah Blah Blah. Gaming. Yada Yada Yada. DC. Yada Yada Blah. Thank you.

Anyway, from what I’ve heard, people liked the speech. Obviously this means that the people who did not like the speech aka the majority is not telling me this. Don’t be afraid – I really can’t do anything to you. However, I did mean what I said and it’d be nice if there is a DF, a strong gaming community etc still in IIIT when we have our yearly alumni meet or whatever.

The food was okay – but frankly very few fourth years were looking forward to the food. The informals – which a few of us were afraid would be rather boring – totally kicked ass. I laughed my ass off when Tipo had to answer his questions.

Joy: Why do you act funny in front of girls? 
Tipo: Arre, kya karein, kuch kuch hota hai.

At that time, Tipo had everyone laughing – probably was feeling pretty confident. However, then came the sucker punch.

Joy: Why do you act the same way when in front of Aziz?
Tipo: <mumbles> <stumbles> <acts funny> <bulbs> <looks despairingly> What to do, kuch kuch hota hai. Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

Also, congratulations to Shamanth and T3 for ____________. Congratulations to Sriram for Fatte-pur-Sikri. And it was sad we could not have Manish answering the “Why he is called Pinki?” question – he had a bad stomach.

After all this, we went for the final treat. Anand had been incharge – he did botch it up by underestimating how *hungry* we would all be.  Tipo, vishnu, sid were too tentative – probably it was the looming train journey ahead – they did not want to eat too much. Manish was periodically clutching his stomach and making grunting noises – much unlike a pregnant woman. Anand, Monga and I tried to finish whatever little was left. Even Peesu came up two floors looking for food – Pissinary Portal Player Peesu – I cannot believe that. Saala, kitna khaayega. The bit after that rocked – was a lot of fun.

By noon, all of us had left. Some on the batch trip, a few went home and beyond, and a couple stayed back to finish a little bit of work.


PS: Life good.

PS1: Manish USC.

PS2: Tipo Georgia Tech

PS3: ManU v AC Milan – hoping to catch a replay …