A trip to dehradun, A sore throat, Life after College

by oBelIX

Bullocks up his esophagus. -Baba

Eating Panipuri does not worsen a sore throat. -CeG <oBelIX>

Stupid Star Parivaar Award. -CeG <oBelIX>

For the annual summer mini-vacation we’d gone to Dehradun. I say mini-vacation because unlike me (the epitome of vella-ness), my parents etc are rather busy at this time. So, in pareil with a meeting my Dad had, we all went to Dehradun. Its pretty close by, some 220 kilometers. You’d think that 220 kilometers, managing 50 kmph you’d get there in 4-5 hours. The road however is in the stage of being unmade before it is made again. Perhaps in another 4-5 years we’d manage dehradun in 4-5 hours. At night however driving is much better.

Dehradun’s a nice place. A very quiet city during the day. The buzz starts around late afternoon, and by evening the whole place is utter bedlam. The lack of a plant-ish bone in my body is rather disconcerting given that both my parents have PhD’s in botany. I personally prefer concrete to forests – mostly for the immense dislike for all insects, roaches and other members of the animal family that have more than two legs.

However, if you do go to dehradun, visit the FRI. It is the Forest Research Institute or summat like that. The campus is gorgeous. The building is stunning. Its the kind of place I’d like to study in … Its heavenly.

The best thing about road-trips however is the journey – and the conversation. Also the eating at dhabas and what not – very different cuisine. Dhabas seem to be the latest on the paneer bandwagon. The last time I’d gone for a road-trip in the north the dhabas all had very standard fare – some dal, some roti and some sabji. Now, its all hep and modern, keeping in touch with the punjabi paneer afficanados. There’s butter naan, panner butter masala, kadhai paneer etc. Against the advice of my mother (who believed that paneer would not be good) I tried Shahi Paneer. I expected something simple, elegant and yet delightful. However, it was not up to the mark, nothing great. Rather so-so. Ho-Hum.


The routine at home has been rather weird, non-conformant with the rest of the holidays. My sister is also vella, so we’ve been roaming around Delhi. The weirdest thing is that whenever I comeΒ  home for a stay more than a week, I fall sick just before I am about to leave. Some niggly piggly pidda thing. This time it is a sore throat.

I have been keeping track of the infection. This involves opening my mouth in front of a mirror and shining a torch into the darkness much to the amazement of my Mother and to the utter grossing out of my sister. I have figured out what a sore throat looks like. There are some red pimple like things on the back of my throat which I presume are the infection. I’ve been observing their growth (they seem less potent now). I tried taking pictures with the cell phone camera but the digital zoom makes it look real crap.


Microsoft advanced the joining date. Im coming back to college early. I know its all very yucky of me, but I came up with a list of stuff that I would buy with the first salary. Yeah, yeah, I know, its cliched, its been done before, its so lame … skip the section if you so wish …

1. An internet connection

2. World of Warcraft

3. A digital camera – one of the nice ones

That’s all I got so far, apart from the necessities …


PS – Playing online scrable – http://www.isc.ro

PS1 – Wireless LAN at home

PS2 -www.last.fm

PS3 – Pati PLaying poker and sweep