The future of instant messaging

by oBelIX

Damn ING. -CeG <oBelIX>

I was sitting with headphones and loud music. I was also highly bored. So, I was randomly moving around the blogosphere – found some interesting blogs. Check out this and this. They are infinitely better than any that I usually read (save perhaps a couple). They are written by girls or rather members of the opposite sex. I got there from here. And the true beginning of my blogosphere oddesy was here.

Now, a little tired of reading (too much time at a screen reading tires me) I decided to give the people on my contacts something to do.

If you HATE Himesh Reshamiya

click HERE*.

*Caution: Reader Discretion advised*

The title of this post – The future of Instant Messaging – is not a misnomer as I probably have led you to presume. Infact, I was thinking more along the lines of “Mood aware Instant Messengers” or something like that (sounds like a title of a paper to me) or “Using Agent technologies for optimizing utilization of time with Instant Messengers” (another brilliant award winning paper 😀). The basic idea is that the IM’s figure out your mood – Example – if you are opening internet sites by the million or chatting randomly, they figure out you are bored and tell other instant messengers this. And if two bored instant messengers find each other they start a conversation between the users. I figure, at any point of time there is atleast one bored / vella person on your contact list. So, this would help pass the time and save you the embarresment of posting inane links to people who might be working, or starting a conversation with *&#(*$@ / *(!@&#* with someone at home ….


PS: I had no quotes … so I put a really bad phaatta as the first line … Basically, while watching Simpsons and Cheers there were like 50-60 advertisements of ING.

PS1 – Final – liverpool v milan. Im betting on milan