The day after the last day of my student life …

by oBelIX

First bachelors and then brothels. -Manto’s neighbour

A coherent rambling of the last few days’ events is in order. IIIT this summer seems desolate and devoid of all activity. It’d have been nice had some people been here – some fun bc – going out etc. Life however has been a little tepid at times, while otherwise filled with hectic activity.

It all starts with finding a place to live. It is really one of the hardest things to do. The first place we saw was decent – not great, not awesome – decent. Then this other house search broker showed us quite a few places. Eventually, after much discussion and a couple of breakfasts a place was found.

The worst part of house hunting was experienced by Manto and all. They had an independent house, they were all set. Then the neighbour spots them and yada yada yada and they are out.

I joined Microsoft yesterday. I am not sure what the confidentiality agreements allow me to say so No further Comments.

My sleep schedule is screwed up beyond quick repair. I feel sleepy by 10 and even after sleeping at midnight I wake up before 7.

Everyone else has vacated or partially vacated. Sid has left. Tipo left to the infinitely greater dismay of all of us. He was providing some entertainment. Monga of course told me that he’d leave 2-3 bags in my room. Now my room contains perhaps the most amount of stuff in the history of OBH (If you want proof visit obh 192).

The MAQ people seem to be screwing everybody. Totally. Considering they have some of the best brains in the batch. They are making them work from 8:15 AM to 9:15 PM. Horrible. Amazon seems to have a good day, at the end of which they were promised that tomorrow would be much worse. Siddarth refused to comment on the tortures at ADP, asking the junta to await further developments on his blog.


PS: Peesu blogging –

PS1: I am cribbing a lot – or so it is said …

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