the one after a long time

by oBelIX

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Don’t be too happy. The universe has an attitude. -Calvin

Exhiliration – Its not overrated.

Life was so nice. I was having so much fun. Was making harmless little jabs at the poor chaps who had to join on the 28th of May. Then, out of the blue, some-chap calls me up and:

some-chap: What Ho!

Me: Hola.

some-chap: Join on 28th of May.

Me: !!!WTF!!! No Way. C’est impossible.

some-chap: We pwn your ass …

Me: Yeah 😦

May 24th

After what seems like a very short eternity at Home and elsewhere, I came back to Hyderabad. IIIT seemed to be in a mess and was going to the dogs. Literally :D. The actual despondent, desparate, not-wanting-to-leave-yet mood was still evident. Everyone was getting ready to move on, some had already left. It was the last stage. Anyhoo, take a look at vishnu’s face – thats the emotion I’m talking about.


Of course, the first major thing was Monga with that 10 million set of suitcases that he left in my room – ensuring that no one could even walk there. So, until we went to our new place – I bunked with vishnu.

House Hunting

Yeah, the chaps who don’t have to do this are pretty lucky. It is one of the most painful jobs ever. Just ask anyone who ever had to do this. Damn. Had I posted this during that time, this section would have been waaaaaay longer. However, I forget most of the fun incidents now :(. Tip for the next batch of people planning to look for a house: Start EARLY. Have transport.

Moving day was another pain. Parag and I had to move the luggage of five people. Real sucks.


What an ass.

No dues

Getting the no dues wasn’t as painful as expected (refer to section above). Most of the departments were highly efficient – it took minimal time. (refer to section above).


Anyway, Microsoft rocks. And Its not that Im just saying that. Life was actually good, still is – esp after the owner fixed most of the things in the house. Was actually fun to code in c++ after a while – realized why c++ is in fact the ultimate language for writing code (just below python).


Thanks to T3 and co – there was a micro-mini get together. Anand came in an effeminate hairdo.

Image058 Image062

Here, we can see Raki holding on to Sriram, and Raja grinning at a phatta that Anand cracked(?).

The things to do list

I’d always thought that after the first month would be through (ie with the first months pay) I would be

1. Playing something on the internet

2. Downloading something from the internet

3. Learning photography with my brand new digital camera

4. Loving public Transport

5. Eating excellent food (ie: eating paneer everyday)

It seems that I have accomplished few on that list. However, I’ve done stuff that I never thought I would do. Anyway, as I write this, I realize that its 9PM, the page that had been searching for comparisons of washing machines since I started composing this has finally finished and that I have basically written what came straight to my mind – without editing and with complete disregard for the sensibilities and the comprehension capacity of the average reader of this blog.


PS: Fantastic Four sucks

PS1: Intentionally left out some stuff – Intentionally.

PS2: Hyd House biryani – nice …

PS3: AFAIK Mainsh, Tipo, GS, Pyar have all got visas …

PS4: FYI – I stay somewhere near Kondapur. Close to Sairaj’s house

PS5: No broadband yet

PS6: I miss DF.