by oBelIX

If everything is working you won’t have any work naa … -Halley

2GB of RAM is not enough. -CeG <oBelIX>

Udderstand – its naughtier than it sounds. -CeG <oBelIX>

I’m just sitting here, waiting for an app to load. It seems that there is this new game, “DreamFall”. I asked shamanth to copy it onto my external hdd. I run the setup and it gives CRC errors. I cancel, try again. That anyway, was a very bad idea. I had cancelled at 9:35PM and started it again. It is 9:43 now, I am starting to get terribly pissed.

Also, winamp is behaving stupidly. Its on shuffle and three consecutive CTRL+ALT+PAGEDOWN’s have resulted in the same damn song.

After a month on Vista and IE7, I actually am thinking that only IE is a good idea.

9:47 PM now – That stupid setup has still not launched.

I am also starting to get very used to the “User Account Control” feature (the thing that pops up and says This program is doing yada yada yada. Did YOU launch it). I now think it is an extremely great feature – the guy who thought of a nice little dialog box po(o)ping up each time you copy a file to the C: drive is brilliant.

9:49 Now – That stupid setup has still not launched.

The new version of  yahoo messenger is also very good. (No offence to the yahoo guys). It uses just 100 MB of RAM on an average and tends to go into infinite loops every now and then.

9:51 Now – That stupid setup has still not launched.

I think that this is another very innovative feature in Vista. Or perhaps I have stumbled upon a hitherto unknown easter egg. Launch DreamFall setup and your computer will slow down for a while.

Anyway, like I said, Vista rocks.

We got a washing machine the other day. I’ve never before closely followed the washing process. This little videocon one is pretty simple to use. You put water + soap + clothes. Set the timer, start it. Put the clothes + fresh water in the other tub. Start again. Put the clothes + water back in the first tub. Run again. Transfer to the other tub one last time and run it.

I think the videocon Engineers collaborated closely with the Vista engineers (or vice-versa).

9:56 Now – That stupid setup has still not launched

I was reading this Woody Allen book. (How did it understand that spelling?). Then I tried to read ChankayaNeeti by Chanakya. (Yeah, it did not udderstand that). Wasn’t much fun reading that Chanakya book. I ascribe that to the horrible English translation of the Telegu. Did I just write Telegu – I meant Sanskrit.

9:59 Now – That stupid setup has still not launched

Speaking of Telegu – I’ve been trying to make some progress learning my father tongue. I can now say….

The cursor icon changed – Hold on, Im going to ALT+TAB and check.

No, False Alarm.

… go, see, take – (po, choosko, teesko) apart from the regular swear words. 

10:01 – User account control just pooped up. Its going to install ….

Nope, its gone back to the old stage – stupid shitty installer.

The other day there was this comic – (Waiting for outlook to start) –

I actually Lol’d at this.

10:04 – Setup has launched.

Im ignoring all the CRC fails.

Bye Bye.