A [dash] of Hot Chics

by oBelIX

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I am sure some of you have very wild imaginations. Some of you may even have weird-bordering-on-disgusting imaginations. So, before you make any perverse assumptions based on the title of this post let’s get one thing perfectly clear. This is not an erotic post. Neither does it contain lewd descriptions of Hot Chics, myself or any one else for that matter. It has NOTHING to do with chickens or any animal species either [for those of you with a history of animal abuse – aka VV Harish Baba].


No hot chics were harmed in the writing of this post. If you are a hot chic reading this post [yaay – hot chics reading this post] please send me an email telling me what you think as well as your phone number (for technical reasons). [it doesn’t hurt to try].  In general, this post was not meant to hurt any one’s sensibilities, feelings or the other such stuff. My apologies in advance if it does.


This post is actually about English – collective nouns for that matter …

What would the collective noun for a <dash> of hot chics be? (In brackets – the actual usage of the collective noun).

A ton of hot chics: A ton – that sounds like a measure of weight. (Ex: A ton of crap)

A bunch of hot chics: Chics aren’t like apples (is it a bunch of apples?). (Ex: A bunch of crap)

A gaggle of hot chics: Chics aren’t geese (it IS a gaggle of geese).

A set of hot chics: Chics are not a mathematical (container??). (Ex: A set of numbers)

An array of hot chics: Chics are not a programatical construct either. (Ex: An array of char*)

An earful of hot chics: I guess a lot of hot chics would be an earful – but doesn’t quite fit does it … There is an earful of IpoD users.

A team of hot chics: If hot chics are teaming up against you then you my friend are screwed. (Ex: A team of cattle)

A swarm of hot chics: If on the other hand hot chics are swarming up to you, better yet, swarming up against you then you my friend are screwed (in the better sense of the word). (Ex: A swarm of ants)

A colony of hot chics: It is rumoured that this exists. [See seinfeld for the source of this rumour]. Possible locations of this colony do NOT include: IIIT Hyderabad, Microsoft India. (Ex: A colony of beavers)

A flock of hot chics: The only thing I can imagine hot chics flocking to are concerts given by pop stars or football players like David Beckham or the (c)hunky actors like [Yeah, if you’re straight you won’t know the names of many hunky actors either]. (Ex: A flock of birds)

A nuisance of hot chics: It is rumoured that guys who have a lot of hot chics following them find the hot chics a nuisance. [The author sadly has no experience so cannot comment on this personally]. (Ex: A nuisance of cats)

A cartload of hot chics: I can just about imagine this. A hawker in the street. 10 ke saath ek free … 10 ke saath ek free. (Ex: A cartload of chimpanzees)

A mob of hot chis: One mob I’d like to be a part of. No matter what the cause of protest. (Ex: A mob of emus)

A school of hot chics: Darn It. If only I knew this existed. I’d have studied here … (Ex: A school of fish)

A parcel  of hot chics: The ideal birthday present? (Ex: A parcel of hogs). Yeah, I’m not making any comparisons

A parliament of hot chics: This can actually happen. If all the women do not vote. And in all elections there are two candidates. One is a lookalike of Aish, the other of Laloo. What self-respecting straight guy would vote for laloo? (Ex: A parliament of owls)

I’m getting tired of CTRL+TAB right now (I’ve got a page that lists collective nouns in the other tab). Anyway, the reason for this post is that I’m home and well, there are a <dash> of hot chics over here. Not here as in my home here as in Delhi. [This is not to say that Hyd does not have hot chics. It’s just that I haven’t found a lot of them. YET.]


PS: Reached home safely – yeah there were floods

PS1: stupid ass terrorists

PS2: ManU won finally

PS3: Dog is looking thin to me

PS4: What do you say to all the chaps going out to the US for higher studies? Get screwed. 😀

PS5: This is the end

PS6: Yeah. Seriously. That was the end.

PS7: Blog people blog: This means you – tipo, manish, vasan, halley, baba, mythalez etc etc etc