Of Jyggalog, Moonshine and Plutoburn

by oBelIX

Every once in a while, I come up with a really brilliant post. A post that is funny on so many levels that you’d die laughing if you read it twice. A post that would have a title, which at first glance would be a combination of random words, but when understood would make you go “Humana Humana Humana”. A post by lil old me, that would poke fun at the established behemoths of the blogging world (Slipstream, mythalez, baba, halley, gokul etc). A post for describing which most superlatives would fall short. There would be delightful comments (written in brackets like these) that would only serve to enhance the sheer joy. A post that would bend a few rules of the English language if only just to complete a silly rhyme.

Thankfully, this is NOT it. This is more like “constipated blogging“. Yes, I do humbly apologize for introducing whatever image that last buzzword induced.

Now, I was tempted to leave this post at that. However, the desire for life (specifically the desire to avoid a beating from the big brutes like Baba etc) has forced my hand. I must now come up with something that doesn’t increase the average level of c-rap-pine-ss of this blog by more than a factor of pi/e.

Usually, this would be about the point when I would start writing about current random stuff. If I were feeling a tad glum I’d make an insensitive comment on the Ram-Setu issue. One the other hand, if I were feeling a touch cheery then I’d express my jubilation over the recently conducted T20 WC. Infact if I was more than a touch cheery, say I was a bunch of cheery, then I’d probably link to this post or even this post that talks about the T20 WC.

After all the news headlines have been mined for increasing the length of the post from one lousy paragraph to two yucky paragraphs I would probably look at the stuff that other people have been writing.

  1. I’d poke a little (no, make that a whole lot) of fun at Rao’s new style of wearing a broom over his head.
  2. I’d silently curse SlipStream for changing Daily-irum into Never-arium and thus depriving me of a few minutes of sheer disbelief at the utter lack of laughter-value in his pjs.
  3. I’d use words that you wouldn’t use at home to describe  Mythalez’s new idea of devoting whole posts to text which can be best described as mere status messages on Yahoo.
  4. I’d threaten baba with disembowelment over the utter lack of comprehensibility in his post. What the !@#$ are you saying – I mean half the time I don’t even get three quarters of the context in which the conversation is being had.
  5. I’d post a little innuendo about Manish, his relationship with someone (possibly Booshi), his weird smily faceImage043_ I mean come on – On what planet is that not a goofy weird look. Anyway, the jib-jab on Manish would be to get him to blog, esp about all the screwing he must be getting in California.

It’d be about this time, that I’d be fast running out of ideas. Thankfully, one look at the scrollbar would be enough to make me realize that I’ve posted more than the average reader of this blog would be able to assimilate at one go.

Here’s where I’d post a few random lines, and under the pretext of Postscripts I’d write whatever arbitrary junk I can think of in under 30 seconds.


PS: Flame people flame.

PS1: Facebook is much better than orkut.

PS2: If you haven’t understood the title of this post, “YET”, then keep trying. I assure you there was great clarity in my head when I thought of that.

PS3: Blog people blog.

PS4: Spam people spam.

PS5: Heroes – I need season 2. Someone put it on a flash drive and mail it to me.

PS6: I know something that you don’t know. Ask Himanshu Arora for more.

PS7: This is the end