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by oBelIX

Warning: Reader discretion advised. This is possibly the most random post ever written. Also, it is not the traditional kind of random that you get on this blog. It’s a whole new kind of random. Infact the novelty of this randomness itself is so random that … you get the idea right :P.

CCD: Complicated Class Diagrams. -CeG <oBelIX>

BARISTA: I wish I could come up with something for this. -CeG <oBelIX> right after he came up with CCD

It’s been a while since I wrote anything of any value.

Yeah, I know, the pointless nature of opening a blog post,

With a statement so steeped in fiction

however, the average chap’s unwillingness to read,

Sentences whose length is unbounded,

Sentences where the full stop is not in sight for the next 20 words,

Sentences that make you want to rip the author’s gut out,

Sentences that make you want to scream in frustration,

or Sentences that make you want to shout out loud,

in plain and simple Hyderabadi, “Aisi bakwaas nakko likh”,

made me want to experiment,

with this possibly extant format,

in which I write each sentence in a paragraph of its own,

delimit it with a comma,

and impart a sense of continuation,

of perpetuity

or everlastingness

of wonder at the filling up of a page with so few words

with the ultimate goal being

progress at acquiring the

ability to wield the English language,

more like a rapier that weaves in and out of a fight,

and less like a sword all straight and stiff,

so that one day I might

rise above this meaningless plight

and write something that truly entertains,

not something at which you look in disdain.

If you have read that and are questioning my mental health then I would like to assure you that I am quite okay. That is what happens when you let yourself write whatever you quite feel like writing. However, if you add a few constraints, then you get the following paragraphs:

I saw a movie the other day called Interview. It was a rather eye-opener. It was on the whole, different. For one thing, the woman one. For another, I was shocked at the level of deceit that was on display. The acting is pretty decent. The story is reasonably good. And frankly, the shock value is worth it.

The other thing that I saw was a couple of episodes of “Californication”. Armed with a warning that it was a sex comedy, I expected something along the lines of Coupling. Hilarious, funny in its own sort of way. I never actually expected a sex comedy to include “T&A”. Pardon my naievty (how do you spell that?), but I really thought it would be hilarious (Yes, I am quite aware that my vocabulary at describing funny stuff is stunted).

The last few episodes of 2.5 men were, well, not to put too fine a point on it, rather blah. Too much mush mush. Too little funny. It sucks when a series which has managed to be funny consistently has to resort to mush-mush to fill up airtime so early in the season.

Heroes on the other hand seems to be maturing nicely. I still staunchly believe that my way of watching heroes was better, but now that I’ve tasted the fruit, I cannot live without it. 


PS1: I typed this out on one of those ergonomic keyboards, the ones that look like natural-keyboard  that. However, guess what, my hands are actually hurting right now.

PS2: I just reread this. And against my better judgement I’m going to put it out there on the net. In future If this screws me up, I apologize to the “future me” who has just been screwed over.

PS3: Guess which side Tipo is reffering to in this chat with someone that was sent to me verbatim …

X: waste fellow

Sent at 03:11 AM on Friday

Prashant: huh

X: what huh?

Prashant: πŸ˜•

wtf did I do ?

X: you know what you did …


Prashant: oh..that

had to do it da

X: it was about time wasn’t it

so whats it like on that side?

Prashant: πŸ˜€

now, its not good

X: oh, you were having fun earlier?

Prashant: i ain’t gonna answer any more questions

X: no comments eh

the diplomatic answer

Prashant: no no..not ‘no comments’

this conversation ends here

knowing you,