Passport, Bhutto and Stars on the Floor

by oBelIX

The Delhi passport office is surprisingly efficient. After all you just stand in line for 0.005% of the time your passport is valid.

I had to get my passport re-issued (Re-issued is the term when your passport is about to expire and you need to get a new one for the next 10 years).

Now, I had envisioned it would be a MAJOR pain in the back side. And yes, My envisioning (It is 10AM, India is loosing so my English will suck) was spot on.

Pointers for people who are looking to get this passport thingie done:

1. If your mom/dad know some guy who can issue a verification letter then get it done from tatkal. I”ve heard it takes only 7 days.

2. You will need the following documents (if doing from tatkaal):

The Verification Certificate (in original)

Photocopy of the above

A photocopy of the I-card of the guy issuing the Verification Certificate

The Affidavit – signed by a notary

Photocopy of the above

Old passport

Photocopy of old 1st four and last four pages of Old Passport

A copy of either your 10th class / 12th class / B.Tech or any such educational certificate

A letter that says that you want the passport to be issued under tatkaal scheme

All photocopies must be self-attested. All items in bold are items that are not mentioned on the website but are required anyway.

3. The internet token thing is a sham. It doesnt work

4. You should reach the Passport office early (9AM) and stand in line at the back of the office for a token.

5. Once you’ve got a token get into the office ASAP. Do NOT dilly-dally. Hustle Hustle Hustle. Move Move Move. (If you haven’t got the idea then you’re as slow as Dravid’s batting).

6. Get in the line for counter 8A.

7. Once you reach the end of the line the rest will take 5 Minutes.

Stars on The Floor

I refrain from typing the Hindi title because of my utter dislike for those wavy red lines under my text. Anyhoo, (Yes, that doesn’t come with a wavy red line because it has been added to the dictionary), this movie is a treat to watch. The story is brilliant. The acting is brilliant. The music is brilliant. In short, the whole movie is brilliant.

You’ll have flashbacks to your child-hood, especially during the initial classroom scenes. Everyone’s been in the classes when the teacher says – Silence. (Yeah, I know that is a weak example but its all I remember now.). The Mom and Pop act very well. The kid acts well. Aamir Khan acts well. There is no romantic mushy mushy crap. There are no random songs with hero + heroine running around trees. The music is spot on.

In the list of all time Hindi Movies this comes in at





Munnabhai 2

Munnabhai 1

Number 4. It’s top draw this one – I’d recommend you mosey over and watch it.


The joy of sitting on a sofa, with your feet up on the table, the dog sitting in your lap, and watching India kick some Australian balls is indescribable. I was hoping that during this test match I’d get to see, some vintage Indian batting. Dravid standing tall, Tendulkar whacking Lee all over the place and Ponting getting out for 6 ducks in the series.

(Yeah, I dont really like Ponting).

However, that seems to have not happened. Except for the Ponting bit. In both the innings I’ve woken up at 9, hoping to see a scorecard – India – 100/0. Both times I’ve seen something like India – 80/3.

Its a total disappointment. At the risk of sounding selfish I will say – Don’t they realize that I get to watch very little cricket at home.

Manchester United

I’ve never really liked Christiano Ronaldo. I always used to think he was a pompous arrogant non-teamplayer. I still do.

However, I cannot help but agree with the fact that he is playing well. United infact are playing rather well. I do see them going and winning the title without too much fuss. (A 3 month injury to Cesc Fabregas would go a long way in ensuring that 😀).


Yep. She’s dead. The thing about being at home (apart from the food, the dog etc) is that you read an average of 2.5 newspapers a day. However, you got to hand it to her. The woman had balls to stay on in Pakistan, especially after knowing that there are some half-wit-loonies out to knock her blinking block off.

The posts before this – esp the one about the party

Those posts still sit in my draft. Both are three-quarters done. However, finishing them seems beyond me, especially with the added risk of my sister’s growing Internet awareness.


PS: Who all are getting Sozzled this new year?

PS1: The Television is useless for time pass. You just end up flipping channes and watching advertisements.

PS2: Another re-read of all the Calvin and Hobbes, the Harry Potters, LOTR etc just go to confirm their excellence …

PS3: Toodles for now then