The Freakin New Year

by oBelIX

Since everybody has been busy writing loads of random crap on the new year, their interpretations of the universe, their logfile of the new year and something that i did not bother to read fully; I figured lets add to the junk on the internet.

So, what do we write here? I could talk about the disappointing effects of inflation wherein even Laxmi Sweet House is charging two-bucks-a-golgappa. I could also write about the importance of quality and the premium people are prepared to pay for it because no one eats at the one-buck-a-golgappa stand right next to it.

I could write about the books that I have read. Freakonomics is a rather fascinating read, however when you just start getting into it you realize its over and go WTF … That isn’t worth 300 bucks. A Madman’s tale by some Katzenbach chappie is a very good read. I highly recommend it for anyone with time to burn.

I could write about the movies I saw. Welcome is a fun watch. Worth a download. Nana P and Rawal P make even the recycled jokes sound good. And Katrina Kaif just looks ugly. Return of Hanuman is banging for the buck. Yes, that is mostly incorrect usage of the phrase but “Who has two thumbs and doesn’t give a rat’s ass?”.  Infact I was extremely delighted to see such excellent animation from an Indian studio.

I could rant about the greedy bloggers who trim their RSS feeds so that you have to go over to their website. Very very irritating. It’s infact so irritating that I would stop reading the blog altogether.

I could glorify the awesomeness of facebook and bash orkut. But then, I don’t I have many orkut-loving-facebook-hating-dumbasses as my readers.

I could optimistically explain why India will win the test series in Australia. But then, I’ve already had conversations with most of the “pessimistic assholes” who think that India could actually loose on my gtalk. Since my arguments are not winning these “pessimistic assholes” over, the most appropriate thing I can think of doing is taking a flamethrower and setting fire to their hair.

I could bitch and moan about the slowness of the Indian passport office. But then, Hey, I already did that.

I could ask (very politely) Manish, Prashant, Srinivasan and Halley to please blog.

To: Pinki, Tipo, Vasan and Halley



 <insert age-appropriate expletive here>??


I could sit here, disappointed that most of the stuff that I thought I would have done by the time I was six months on the job hasn’t really happened. But then, as someone was muttering over IM, the new year is all about throwing out the old, bringing in the new and looking ahead not back and what not.

And now, gentlemen and ladies (never hurts to presume some lady will read this one day šŸ˜›) I will take pride in this mediocre post and hope the new year is better than this for all of you …