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by oBelIX

Lena bhi ek kala hai. Us kala ka sahi pradarshan IM pe nahin ho sakta. -CeG <oBelIX>


10 things I miss in life (in no order)

  • BF2 … Chaat after BF2
  • Home food … baingan bharta, mushroom etc …
  • Aimless BC, sweep …
  • Wandering about the wing upstairs looking for food
  • Chaat in general – i eat very little of it nowadays
  • Python – I code very little in it nowadays
  • The summer vacation schedule, sleeping at 5,6 and waking up straight for lunch
  • My interest in quizzing and all such stuff I was good at in school


10 things I want to achieve a decade from now

  • Become an expert at ironing
  • Learn to do the breast stroke + swim 20 laps in an hour
  • Cure the common cold
  • Learn cartooning
  • Study samskrit
  • Study advertising
  • Study civil engineering / architecture
  • Get some money from this blog


And I grow bored of writing this so done. for the sake of laziness, I tag everyone in the world.


PS: Halley wrote something

PS1: I wrote something too

PS2: It might not be much better than poo

PS3: Rhyming Pses … yucky-doodle-doo

PS4: PLaying wow

PS5: Hoping to play assasins creed this weekend

PS6: Have cold + cough + fever

PS7: Going to go swimming

PS8: Ask tipo for good news – he always has some πŸ˜€

PS9: Facebook is boring now – nobody plays scrabble anymore

PS10: I still remember my 200 passwd (I haven’t logged in forever)

PS11: Kilo-Mega-Tons of work which if I do seriously will be finished very quickly

PS12: If you haven’t seen this then you just gotta