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3 Cups of coffee … pizza … 161 pages of obscure standard-ish gobbledgbook … 2000 lines of code …






Heya !!
how are you??
Do you know there was a profile in news last night

link :- click here

The about me of This Profile Is Superb.

Do you feel pissed at every Orkut scrap that you get that says some junk like that? Don’t silently mutter an unmouthable curse at the guy who scrapped you. It’s just human nature to what to click-click-everywhere. I mean, we see a hyperlink and we just can’t resist now can we.

That said, I condone, condemn and consider utterly disgraceful, every moment that some chap / chappie went and clicked there. Damn you all.


Now that the psychological analysis of the day is over, its time to move on to other things. Shiben, is posting some imba cool stuff. If you haven’t read it yet then you are an eyeful-of-pink-maruti-800’s. (That would be one of the better hyperlinks to click).


Someone compiled a list of the best posts on their blog. I think it was anks but I forget.  Anyway, I think that’s a fairly neat idea. So, I’m like about to open up wordpress and look through the list of my posts and put up a generic post saying that this is the best. I then realized … wait for it … wait for it … wait for it … that I could ask you to do it for me. So, if you’ve read something here (yeah, i know i’m pushing it), and you liked it (yeah, really pushing it now) and are not lazy enough to not comment (i can’t push any further) then put it down in the comments.


While, I was typing out that paragraph I thought that let’s have a look at the stats of the blog. That would be something I haven’t done in a long time. So, when I was in college this used to receive ~70 hits a day. Now, I fire up Firefox and mosey over to WordPress. The hits per day is something close to 15 :(. The fun part is that people who are getting to this blog are searching for “tindly veggie”, “mdh garam masala”, “hot chics”, “bihari marriage” (Manish – This means You) and “Anirudh Mani”. It’s nice to see the awesome post on cooking getting traffic. Of course, I do pity the poor saps who moseyed over here looking for “hot chics” or “Anirudh Mani” (Who is looking for Mani??).


Attn: All passed out alumni. If you think you’re fit go to the swimming pool for a quick reality check (This means you Sriram). Yours truly was suddenly-given-bumps-for-no-reason-type-of surprised when he found out that he cant swim 10 meters without feeling like Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye. The only consistent thing was the very-nice-polite-lady. In case you’re getting any ideas this was/is Anand’s Girlfriend. Without any disrespect, I will just say that it was another one of those experiences that aren’t really fun.


Of late, its becoming habit to open Google talk, read everyone’s statii, ping Tipo in the hope of getting material for a post / spam and then quit. It’s one of those harmless activities that you do while your little code takes 3 minutes to compile on a DualCore 2GHz machine with 3Gigs of RAM and NO PAGING. I do hate it however, when statii read some absolutely philosophical opinion that makes no sense. Let’s face it. Google Talk is a communication medium, a method for time-pass, bc. Let’s all pledge to not use Google talk for putting philosophical status messages. And you are NOT allowed to make the excuse that you put that expecting to get Flamed for putting a philosophical status message. If you want to get Flamed … just say “Flame me … ” 😀