by oBelIX

Pondi might be a little boring. -CeG <Butcher>

So, life is meandering along. It’s like a river midstream. All I’m hoping is that it doesn’t go back on itself.

To add variety, I decided to watch a Telegu film. For context, let it be known that I’m an adroit linguist, fluent in nearly EIGHT languages including Chinese, French, Samskrit, Telegu, Tamil, Hindi and English. Infact, I got a 90 / 100 in my hindi board exam in tenth class (I got a 60 / 100 in the English exam that year but then that’s all ancient history).

Now, there are a lot of Telegu movies at home (courtesy of YP and Komar). I had lots of options and no idea where to start. I thought of watching Poruddu but then YP said it’s blah. The next thing that caught my eye was Yama-Donga which sounded Flashy. Plus, I almost understood what the title meant. Donga being thief (this I learned on the highway to Vizag when Aziz was stealing sugarcane from a field and we all were shouting Donga Donga) and Yama being a reference to a God. YP then said, “It’s better to watch BoRamIllu”.

For those of you who are wondering why a Delhi guy with a rather south-indian name would be watching a Telegu movie, let me remind you of the utter shortage of good cinema. The last decent movie I saw was Juno. Juno was good. After that I’ve seen a whole lot of blah, including one movie called Hitman, in which the lead actress was rather ugly and rather topless for a rather large portion of the film.

Now, the most fluent part of my Telegu is some of the insults that have known to be uttered during intense competitive DoTa / CS matches. Infact, there was once a very excellent debate on which is the best language for insulting people in whose outcome I forget. Anyway, I digress. On asking YP whether the movie does contain words that I’m familiar with, he replied, “The initial section does. But the director has <bleeped> it out”.

So, BoRamIllu, is about this guy Siddu (who is much unlike our batch’s Siddu). This guy is like rich and has everything except that he has to do whatever his Nanagaru says. He gets engaged to some lady (that scene is hilarious. Nanagaru cheppa for everything Siddu asks :D). He is despo, looking for love types. There is a song on this “We have got a Romeo, All we need now is a Juliet“. Then he finds this nice girl at a temple who does kommulu (or bommulu) which basically means hitting head twice. Then there is lot of comedy and fun for a while. He has to convince Nanagaru to let him marry that girl so he says let her stay at our house for 7 days. After 7 days there is one BIG, HUGE, LONG, BORING senti scene. In the end it’s all happily ever after with Nanagaru agreeing that he was stifling the poor Siddu and finally he went to the girl’s house to stay 7 days. The girl’s father hates this guy for some strange reason though.

The best bits of the movie:

  • I liked the girl. Hasina. Nice. Well acted. Now who is she? What is her name etc?
  • Satti … lol … excellent … haha at that
  • “Senior Sir” … imba lol at that
  • Kiss-mat sir

The following are the bits of the movie I did not understand:

  • Is the guy with the moustache (the bossy character) Siddu’s father / grandfather / uncle or what? This guy is referred to as Nanagaru
  • Who’s the guy from America they keep calling?
  • Who’s the other guy (with the lady who is his wife)? Why are they there in the movie at all?
  • Why wasn’t there a small clip of Siddu’s mother going and taking part in Indian Idol?

I’d recommend this movie to anyone. It’s nice.

To sum up this whole whatchmacallit

Ippudo, Eppudo, Appudo, arre sutta le chali.

(I did not catch the exact words of this)