Forgive me father, for I have sinned …

by oBelIX

[DISCLAIMER: If you think this post is like the posts on this blog then please go get a MRI and ask them to examine your hypothalamus]

Now, I’m not exactly very religiousitistically inclined, however, countless American movies have educated me on the whole concept of Sin, Forgiveness etc etc. I think there are seven sins in all. (Atleast there was a movie which had Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow [I like her] titled seven about seven sines). Also, there is a concept of going and asking for forgiveness.

I don’t really remember all the sins. The basic concept there though is that one is supposed to enjoy while sinning. The two sins that I do know of (booze and sex) both seem to have EHSTEQs [extremely high short term enjoyment quotients.]

Now on to the confession. This weekend I was at home. I did something terrible. It was rather painful. It lasted for more than 45 minutes. The guilt of doing it lasted much longer. During the entire time I was expressionless but felt shocked to the very core. I went out of the house in a slight drizzle for it. I even paid for it. !! Lucky Gift for whoever guesses what it was !!


I haven’t seen Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag. I’ve heard it sucks but then I haven’t seen Sholay either so had I gone and seen it I wouldn’t have necessarily said it sucks having had no original to base a comparison with. [Yes, I can hear the obelix-bashers rubbing their hands at glee, just itching for the comments page to load so that they can make pitiful jokes at my lack of exposure to HIndi classics] (Another lucky gift to anyone who can spot the pun there). Now, this Sarkar Raj is a pretty good effort. The first half keeps you at the edge of your seat (Literally, the auntie behind me was poking my seat with her sandles). I have absolutely no complaints. The second half though sucks so much that you wish the pain you are experiencing is caused by the auntie-behind-you-poking-with-sandles rather than the totally predictable plot twists of the movie. Plus, the plot is rather hollow. Its as easy a target to take down as is Shamanth in counter strike. The other bit of advice I have for RGV is:

If you’re going to cast Aishwarya Rai,

please don’t make her so much cry,

For this movie, I paid hard-earned cash

if you do it again, your head i will smash

And fellow readers, please be aware of PVR’s online booking system. It sucks. I booked my tickets, got the cash deducted from my card and then did not get a booking number. At the cinema, the manager said, “Sir, your money was deducted. But no tickets were given. I’m sorry. We will try to refund in 24 hours. Why don’t you buy new tickets for today’s show?” Whatever happened to customer service you ****head. In office, when we’re sitting and designing stuff, it’s all about the customer. Why can’t I ever get the same when I’m the customer?

Toodle-doo. No PS’s this time as I am bored.

PS: Find a smelly dog and give him a bath, do your good deed for the day 🙂