ASR – ASR simply Rocks

by oBelIX

was on a plane, reading “The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri when I got the idea for this post. There is very little co-relation between what follows and “The Namesake”. “The Namesake” however is a pretty decent book, well worth a read. Anyway, onwards. This post describes the many names of Sriram. In case you do not know who Sriram is please read through the rest of my blog. Anyway …

  • ASR – This vernacular is used by many when calling for HH’s (His Holiness) attention. In hindi this goes as เค Sriram.
  • BSR – This is what Mommies tell their children when they are growing up, teachers tell their students in class, all over the world, every kid hears: “Be Sriram
  • CSR – Every felicity, during the Mr. and Mrs. Competition, everyone will get up on their chairs, turn around, point and say: “See Sriram
  • DSR – This is what SMS has done to the definitive form of reference to HH. “The Sriram” got shortened to “D Sriram
  • ESR – Whenever Sriram does something yucky (and this happens quite often) we all say “Eeeeeeeeeeee(w) Sriram
  • FSR – No one has yet had the balls or a reason to use the **** word with the name of Sriram following it. [Anyone who tries this will be pounded into very small pulp by yours truly*]

*Conditions Apply

  • GSR – Used like: “Golly, gee Sriram, thats brilliant”.
  • JSR – “Jai Sriram“. Har bande kaa naara hai [For Why: refer here]
  • KSR – The new soap planned by Ekta Kapoor on the life and times of ASR. Tentatively titled “Kahani Sriram Ke Saas Ki Jo Kabhi Bahu Thi“. The plot of this thing is another post all together.
  • LSR – “Lady Sriram“, this is how anyone and everyone who knows ASR will refer to his wife.
  • MSR – “Microsoft Sriram??” Okay, I don’t have anything with MSR – let’s see you come up with something better
  • OSR – Whenever Sriram would walk by, every girl would point, giggle and say “Oooooh Sriram“, then flap their hands, scream in ecstasy and faint with excitement.
  • PSR – Okay, cheap humour – I wonder who has ever said “P Sriram” ๐Ÿ™‚
  • QSR – This was uttered by Arun Balakrishnan when he heard that he and Sriram were doing the BTP together. “Kyun? Sriram Kyun?” he had wailed knowing that ASR’s laziness would completely destroy all the hard work that he would do
  • RSR – “Ram. SriRam“. This is how Sriram introduces himself to arch-villians and generally not-so-good men while he is in the service of the Queen of England as a MI6 agent with a license to kill.
  • USR – “You!! Sriram“. Wake up. was something that was heard every compilers class.
  • YSR – “Why Sriram?“. This is what Tipo would say. After spending months woo-ing girls, Sriram would come and effortlessly take them away. [Notice the rhyme people]. Now that TIpo has *friends* in the US he thinks he is safe and secure from Sriram’s woo-ing powers. This is something that would be closely debated on the ug2k3 mailing list over the next few days.
  • ZSR – This is a new religious channel to be launched by Zee Telefilms. Completely unrelated to ASR.

You might have noticed that some of the letters are not filled in. Post your entries for ?SR in the comments.