Food in Kondapur

by oBelIX

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Part I*: Eating joints in and around Kondapur

*Part II is better πŸ™‚

*Part III is best (if you know what I mean *wink* )

The good thing about some weekends is the high level of vella-ness. So, at 4pm on a Saturday, pissed at another collapse of the Indian batting, yours truly decided to go out and have some chaat. Like they say, nothing spreads cheer better than some paani-puri. (damn, beer rhymes there 😦)

Anyway, so I go to this place that I’d tried out last week. The only decent paani-puri I’d eaten in Hyderabad. The guy has the thing in the paani-puri as aloo instead of recycling the thing you put in the samosa ragda (white channa). He also has meethi chutney (this is the red sauce that gives the slightly sweet taste).

Now, after having a few plates, and then some rasmalai I’m thinking, "I’ve got a lot of gyaan on the eating joints in this area (having tried out most of them over innumerable such batting collapses). I wish I could share it". Ergo this post.

1. Sri Bheem Reddy Pure Ghee Sweets


This is the place that I was hyping in the paragraphs up above. Very good chaat. The pau-bhaji is also nice. The rasmalai is passable.

2. City Spice


This is the odd one out in this list of eating places. It’s more of a restaurant / take-away kind of places. The veg curry + naan combo would cost approximately 80 bucks – so come here when you’re feeling like a treat after a hard day’s work. The biryani is pretty good – in fact I’d say this place has the best chicken biryani in Hyderabad. (Take this with a pinch of salt, I’ve had chicken biryani only here and at Paradise).

3. Delites Inn


I made the mistake of eating here one night. It’s horrible. The food sucks. Its expensive. They’ve tried to make it like the-cool-slightly-expensive-neighborhood-bakery-where-you-take-your-girlfriend. Save yourself some time, give this place a miss.

PS: The gentlemen on the left were very interested in why I was taking the picture. I tried to explain in a combination of Hindi and Telegu that it was for a blog but he wouldn’t let go until he was in the picture πŸ™‚

4. Sai’s Sri Athidi Swagruha Foods


Some weekend, I’d had this incredible urge to go out and eat some rasmalai. This was the first sweetshop that I found. I went in. Ate the rasmalai. And felt very sad at the state of life in India when people start pushing what they were pushing as rasmalai. Anyway, the rasmalai here sucks. The place is clean though. For good rasmalai goto the Keshav/Pulla Reddy near the Dominos in Madhapur.

5. Sri Sai Ganesh Hot Chips


Very nice chips here. Very fresh also. See the bartan/kadai/vessel in front. Usually there will be a guy frying the chips there and you can get them hot and fresh.

6. Naga Sai Durga Darshini Tiffins


Yes. I know the picture quality sucks. But the bandi on the right gives fairly decent breakfast (that tastes better than what you get at office). On the left, at nights is a makeshift paranta + roti + dosa stand at night which is also pretty decent. For some (Vishnu, Yp, Komar etc) this place is daily bread and butter. I eat here 1/2/3 times a week usually.

And I recall now, that I did not get a picture of Bhagwan Mess. That’s where we used to eat when we first moved in. Its closed now but it was good while it lasted.

Part II: The kitchen

This section describes the bare minimum required to have a balanced, nutritionally complete diet. It is the bare minimum and you will be surprised at how small it is.


In short:

  • A hot plate: I call ours the "Old Boiler". Its the thing behind the Maggi packet
  • Maggi: The staple diet. It will provide much needed carbohydrates for all the IT-folk who sit on their office chairs all day. At this point, I’d like to recite a small verse written by me, in homage of this most awesomest of foods ..


Its 12 in the night,

You’re feeling hungary

What’cha gonna eat?

Its Maggi

Its 4 in the evening

You woke up at 3

What’cha gonna eat

Its Maggi

  • Milk: Milk. Required for balancing the diet. Packed with all sorts of stuff thats good for you. Get small 200mL UHT packets that don’t need boiling or refrigeration.
  • Mango Squash: Needed for making mango shakes. Need I say more.
  • Hershey’s Nourishing Milk Drink: Earlier in place of this there used to be bournvita. But now, they’ve gone and figured out how to make liquefied bournvita that you can just pour milk on top of. Brilliant.
  • Top Ramen: If you get bored of Maggi. (This is optional – doesn’t count in the bare minimum).
  • Nestle’s mango flavored yogurt: This is another new thing. Pretty sweet, its mango and its curd.

Part III: Experiments in Culinary science

Now, I usually keep pushing the limits when it comes to culinary science and what can/cannot be eaten/potated/consumed etc … Previous posts on this include (but are not limited to) the maggi incident and cooking for relationships.

Anyway, in true 11th class experiment writing notation … here goes …


  • To establish what happens to orange juice if it is left unconsumed for a long time
  • To establish whether the expiry dates are actually sensible or just some random numbers generated by mid-level-managers-who-thought-they-know-the-topic-better-than-the-engineers-who-actually-designed-the-thing


  • One packet of Orange juice
  • A long time


  • Put Orange juice packet in a cool dry place
  • Wait
  • Wait some more
  • Wait a lot more …
  • Open packet of juice
  • Note smell, color and appearance


Appearance of the packet


Packet puffs up.

Orange juice has a very pungent smell. Extremely vomit inducing. Touching it sends shivers up your spine as if you actually did something very yucky.


That is what ~1 year old orange juice looks like


I know a lot of you jerks out there (read: playboi) will not believe that someone would actually go ahead and do this. So here’s proof:


showing that the expiry of the orange juice was 29/09/2007


PS: India lost … damn …

PS1: Jaane Tu rocks

PS2: Wall-E rocks

PS3: Baba writes incomprehensible posts