The best since May 2007

by oBelIX

Yes, this is

  1. the height of laziness,
  2. the epitome of not posting,
  3. the mount Everest of tooting one’s own horn,
  4. the Vienna Orchestra of blowing one’s trumpet,
  5. the French Alps of broken feet,
  6. the Chinese New Year of the fifteen squids,

but every since I can’t find my bojo (blogging mojo for the uninformed) I have decided to make a list of the best posts in my humble opinion over the last few yeras. These are sorted reverse chronologically and not in the order of awesomeness and contain excerpts.

1. New Year’s Resolution’s: The mis-understood self-improvement tool – how to solve all your troubles in many easy steps

Featuring the moo of chaat and the elusive chemical mega-phenylo-benzylo-butatic-parmesan-bananoic-orangus-oxynucleic-tri-chromato-sino-indo-pakistano-barackobamic-bin-ladenic-bournvillesucks-phospate

2. Chicken Chicken – a short story

Featuring the five-foot-sandal-wearing godzilla and the diminutive rattus norvegius and a Nokia N73, truly an excellent device by the chaps at Nokia who connect people

3. Bo-Ram-Illu – when yours truly saw a telugu film

Featuring minor flaming and hurling of insults

4. My life in a thousand words – the greatest metaphysical interpretation of work life balance in the world

Featuring a picture made in Microsoft Paint (TM) © 2008

5. 10H – From Secbad to Kondapur – a journey on a bus

Featuring the guy on the bus and Archana

6. 6E306 – From Hyderabad to Delhi – on an indigo flight, bored with a nokia 6270 …

Featuring Bulging Biceps, boldness and Pretty Parul

7. Of food and relationship advice – The curious relationship between food and relationships …

Featuring the best advice you will get on how to get your guy to you-know-*wink wink*   this side of the internet.

8. A Small Push – Yes, this is not mine. But it is so good that it needs another inlink.

9. A [dash] of Hot Chics – you got to read this one, I cannot summarize it in words [yes, that is because of limited vocabulary and not due to the post being sheeringly awesome 🙂]


PS: Filler, until I get my bojo back

PS1: If you find my bojo wandering on the street do let me know 🙂