by oBelIX

I like tina fey. I first saw her on this show called 30 rock (the headquarters of which – 30 rockerfeller center – I’ve visited while making producitve use of an unplanned 12 hour layover at new york on new year’s day). the show, was witty and fun and had its own style of comedy in season 1. then this tracy whats-his-name became too annoying and I was just muddling through the episodes in the hope that it became good. there are still the occasional flashes of brilliance but for the most part, watching it is like drinking a milkshake of brambles and bricks.

anyway, I digress, this post is not about 30 rock …

tina fey’s also done some other interesting stuff, she was on snl (a show which is a cultural phenomenon in the us but for the most part is drab nonsense unintelligible comedy). she also made the hilarious sarah palin videos a few years back. those were very good.

I digress again, this post is also not about tina fey …

its about bossypants, her autobiography. I picked it up expecting to find out a little more about 30 rock, the videos and her life in general. I was of course rather surprised with all that I read.

apparently, there is this whole bias against women, and women have been fighting it for a long time, and this entire fight is called feminism and the women who fight it are called feminists (I wonder whether men who fight for women are also called feminists – no wait, those are called heroes).

having never seen this bias (in fact all I’ve seen is the reverse where the guys are mauled, beaten and often kicked in the nuts) I will not comment on it. the book though is a lot about how hard it was for tina fey to make it. I appreciate that and it is rather inspirational. however, it does come of sounding rather whiny, sobbypants might have been a more appropriate title.

I also expected the book to be funny. there are glimpses of comic genius in it. for the most part it is quite random. a lot of the humor I cannot relate to for it concerns child birth or women’s health issues etc etc.

it is very interesting to read though. especially about how the tv business works and about alec baldwin and lorne michaels and how a show like snl/30 rock is actually made. in fact, reading this book will make you appreciate 30 rock a little more – I think I got a whole bunch of 30 rock jokes that normally I wouldn’t have picked up.

overall – I’d say do not buy the book. Read it if you have the time and nothing better to read though for it will definitely broaden your horizons. I’d say I’m more aware of women’s issues now definitely Smile.