coffee infused vodka

by oBelIX

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

The genesis of this idea stems from a late night craving for caffeine. There was a conversation about alcohol and such with another gentleman acquaintance of mine. Something clicked. It hit me. Why not infuse coffee into vodka. The best of both worlds – a delectable combination of drinks I devour …

The benefits are immense. The vodka will provide a) a kick, b) a slight edge. The caffeine will provide a) the aroma, b) the wake-up-ness and c) the headache-fighting-antibodies.

I’m not the most sfoortila (that is a hindi word for my rashtra-bhasha challenged readers – it is a combination of quick and non-lazy) person in the world. Given something to do I usually put it at the bottom of a list I maintain. Well, maintain is a strong word – let’s just say, given something to do it will either eventually get done or become moot.

However, I was most excited. Excited enough to interrupt the conversation and mosey-along to a supermarket just before closing time and pick up coffee and an airtight container.

Preparing the concoction:

I had with me: a) 250mL of grey goose – I have no idea where or how the rest of it went. b) roasted whole coffee beans. c) an airtight container.

The method of preparation:

a) Crush the coffee beans slightly: This I surmised would help the vodka attach to the flavour easily

b) Add the vodka: Do I need to explain this?

c) Seal the airtight container: So that no pollutants from the outside world can enter.

d) Let it stand overnight: All good things take time eh?

The results:

FWIW, the resulting aroma when I unscrewed the lid on the container was unlike any I’ve experienced before. It had that faint tinge of vodka with that characteristic punch of freshly brewed coffee.

It is obvious that a proper assessment of the results of this endeavour are intertwined with the cocktail used to try this. To me, this was more like coffee, spiked with vodka. Ergo, I heated up some milk and sugar and then added the brew.

My flatmate’s judgement was not clouded by the excitement of boldly going where no man has gone before. His initial comment was, “Machan, don’t throw up”. After my first sip he moaned about the lack of a digital camera on his phone, “Machan, that expression is priceless”.

The future:

Before turning in for the night, my mind was filled with riches and glories, “Man invents drink of the millenium”, the newspapers would read. The episode was not the resounding success I’d hoped for. Still, I shall persevere, I can think of nothing more noble to do on a Sunday then pop into a liquor store, buy another bottle of vodka, get a few different varieties of coffee and …


PS: @Mythalez – you have not been proven right yet. The post about the rasmalai incident is being composed as we speak.